Acapulco Scuba Diving

Acapulco scuba diving is perhaps not as famous as that on the eastern coast of the Mexican Caribbean, but there are a number of amazing sites for both scuba and snorkeling. There are some key differences in what you will find in your underwater explorations in Acapulco as what you would in Cozumel or off the coast of Cancun, for example. Where the Caribbean Sea offers much more in the way of dramatic coral formations, the water of the Bay of Acapulco features an abundance of marine vegetation that is teeming with life. You can expect to see everything from tropical fish to eels and sea turtles. The most popular Acapulco scuba sites are located within the bay and across the harbor on the Isla la Roqueta (Roqueta Island). This is perhaps the place for diving in Acapulco and offers an amazing variety of distinct dive sites. Even though Roqueta Island consistently ranks at the top for places to enjoy scuba and snorkeling in Acapulco, there are other options as well.

Before exploring some of the other Acapulco scuba sites, its best to start with Roqueta Island. It’s an easy trip from Caleta Beach by water taxi, but taking one of the glass-bottom boats offers the best experience. You can take a boat directly to the island to jumpstart your dive adventure or opt for a glass-bottom boat tour of the bay to round out the trip. There is not only an abundance of marine vegetation in the waters surrounding Roqueta Island, but also sunken ships, sea mountains, and artificial reefs. There are a variety of companies that offer trips to various Acapulco scuba sites. There are packages for snorkeling, scuba, and snuba. Be sure to come to agreement on the price of your trip if you are renting from an independent boat owner. It’s best to opt for one of the professional outfits that offers a price guide, gear and equipment rentals, and set hours for your trip so that you know exactly what to expect.

Puerto Marques is another good spot for Acapulco scuba diving and snorkeling. It’s located less than ten miles southeast of downtown. It features crystal clear waters and calm surf (much like the waters surrounding Roqueta Island). Playa Caleta and Playa Caletilla are two more places you may consider, especially when it comes to snorkeling in Acapulco. there are plenty of places to rent gear and equipment and the water is nice and calm and provides an easy atmosphere for novice and intermediate snorkelers. There is also a sunken ship called Rio de la Plata located in the waters off of Icacos Beach in the Zona Dorada. And even though all of these places offer a great experience for diving and snorkeling, Roqueta Island definitely takes the cake. The broad range of marine vegetation that surrounds the island, and the relatively calm and clear waters that are a result of the protection of the bay make for an ideal experience.

If you are planning a vacation to Acapulco, you should strongly consider planning an exciting underwater exploration. You can charter a boat for the day, and the cost is not at all prohibitively expensive.

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