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Acapulco tours represent a great way to get a bit of a break from the beaches and nightlife scene in the city. The beaches and clubs are amazing, but too much of anything is never good, and there is plenty to see and do in Acapulco to keep just about anyone interested and engaged, at least for the day. There are Acapulco van tours, walking tours, and excursions and expeditions that include everything from scuba and snorkeling to deep sea fishing and hiking.

The old section of Acapulco offers attractions like Fort San Diego and the Cathedral Nuestra Senora de la Soledad in the Zocalo. The Malecon (or boardwalk) runs along a good portion of the coastline and can be directly accessed from the cruise port terminal. If you want to get a sense for the history of the city, you may consider taking one of the Acapulco guided tours. The knowledgeable tour guides shed light on the culture and traditions of the city as well as offer insights and insider information on the top attractions.

There are many varieties of Acapulco tours from which to choose, so you can be as selective as you like and tailor your ideal experience. For adventure seekers and lovers of nature, there are tours to Roqueta Island that offer amazing scuba diving and snorkeling at the choicest dive sites in the waters off the Bay of Acapulco. Sea mountains, artificial reefs, and abundant marine vegetation make these waters a great place to explore the underwater world of Acapulco. There are also dolphin swim excursions where you can get in the water and play with these friendly sea creatures. Deep sea fishing is also a favorite tour activity in Acapulco.

Acapulco guided tours of the city include a whole host of packages. Some tours include only cultural sites while more comprehensive guided tours of the city include bonuses like a visit to see the La Quebrada cliff diving performers. This is also an awesome (and inexpensive) in and of itself. You can purchase a ticket to this enthralling performance for just a few dollars and watch the La Quebrada cliff divers leap from 125 feet into a small gulch. Your ticket comes with a free beverage (either beer, soda, or water) and there is also a hotel with an outdoor terrace where many people choose to view the performance. The night performance is particularly striking because the cliff divers dive with torches that extinguish at the moment they hit the water below.

You may also choose to take a tour of Pie de la Cuesta, a small resort community located just about five miles northwest of Acapulco. Some vacationers choose Pie de la Cuesta for their trip in order to avoid what can sometimes be a tourist-laden scene in Acapulco. Pie de la Cuesta, just like Acapulco, offers many quaint restaurants and cafes, a variety of shopping districts, and beautiful beaches.

Other popular tours include cruises through the harbor and around the coastline to visit other popular destinations like Zihuatanejo and Puerto Vallarta. There are also awesome glass-bottom boat tours of the harbor. No matter which Acapulco tours you choose to take, you are guaranteed to have fun. There truly is something for everyone.

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