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Cheap Acapulco rentals are not necessarily the easiest to come by, but with the right amount of advance planning and some savvy comparative shopping, you may just find the ideal place to suit your budget. One of the keys to finding a reasonable price for any rentals at all is avoiding booking during the peak tourist travel times if possible. Spring break (late February through mid March) is a time you definitely want to avoid, especially if traveling with small kids. The city is generally overrun with college students during this time. The winter months are also a time that sees prices of accommodations in the city go up. People looking to escape the cold weather up north travel to Acapulco where the temperatures are warm year round. The best prices can generally be had between June and October (the rainy season). There is also a lot of sunshine during this time.

There are a wide range of Acapulco vacation rentals from which to choose. One of the best things about securing a rental is that you can be as choosy as you like when it comes to style, size, and location along the bay. Many private villas and Acapulco condo rentals offer breathtaking views of the Bay of Acapulco because of their prime locations on the beach. There are tiny cottages suitable for a couple looking to get away on a romantic retreat, as well as estate-like homes that comfortably sleep ten plus people and generally offer every conceivable amenity, from swimming pools and furnished terraces to flat screen televisions and full appliances.

There are some four miles of beaches that run along the Bay of Acapulco. They are divided up into beaches that have different names. Some are busy with tourist traffic and others are relatively tranquil and remote. You’ll want to choose your location carefully so that you get to experience the kind of vacation you are anticipating. Places like Caleta Beach are beautiful but tend to be crowded, whereas Revolcadero Beach (on the southeastern part of the Bay closer to the airport) tends to be less crowded and primarily caters to guests of the area hotels.

Some of the Acapulco vacation rentals are actually contained within the luxury resorts in the city. In other words, the resorts not only offer guest rooms and suites by the night to their guests, but also villa rentals for extended stays. Places like the Mayan Palace and the Las Brisas Resort offer their valued guests the opportunity to essentially rent their own home for the duration of their stay in Acapulco. These villas also include all of the luxurious amenities and conveniences that come along with staying at the resort, including multiple fine and casual dining options, golf, tennis, access to a wide range of beach activities, and 24-hour concierge assistance. Many of the best Acapulco condo rentals also offer bonuses like daily maid service as well. Enjoy all of the comfort of home but none of the responsibilities.

If you can find cheap Acapulco rentals, you’ll be in even better shape to take advantage of all of the things to do in the city. There is a lot to enjoy, from scuba and snorkeling, fishing and boating, to hitting the nightlife scene and some of the most impressive clubs in Mexico.

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