Acapulco Zocalo

The Acapulco Zocalo is a central gathering place in the old section of Acapulco. It is certainly one of the top attractions in the city and is always buzzing, especially at night and on the weekends when bands, vendors, and lots of people line the streets. The main square in Acapulco features a wonderful selection of restaurants, stores, and bars and there are always street performers and other activities that appeal to families and kids. Most tours of Acapulco include a stroll through the Zocalo, giving people the opportunity to get a real sense of what the city is like beyond the white sandy beaches. Whether you’re interested in dining, shopping, or nightlife, you will find it all in the Zocalo de Acapulco Mexico.

The Zocalo is a great starting point from which to explore some of the top attractions in Acapulco, as it is within such close proximity of so many of them. It is only a few short blocks from the ship terminal where the cruises dock and the Malecon, the waterfront promenade that runs along the bay until it reaches Playa Tlacopanocha. You will find a whole host of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops of all kinds along the promenade. On weekends there are often bands and street performers, and always vendors serving up all manner of food on the go. The Acapulco Zocalo is also just a few blocks from Fort San Diego, one of the top tourist attractions in the city. The Cathedral Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, a blue and white Byzantine structure, dominates the main square in Acapulco. It is situated on the north end of the square. No trip to the Zocalo would be complete without a tour of this lovely cathedral.

You can also easily walk to La Quebrada from the Zocalo to watch the amazing cliff divers. Be sure to get there by 12:30 p.m, as this is the time of the last dive until 7 p.m. On your way to back from La Quebrada, you may consider making a detour to Playa Tlacopanocha. This is an excellent beach for families with small children. The surf is mild and there are all kinds of activities to enjoy, from swimming and sunbathing to body boarding and snorkeling. Fishermen are also at the ready for you to charter a boat at this beach. You can rent equipment and fish from the shore or charter one of the boats for a fishing expedition. These captains will even fillet your catches for you to cook at your rental or suite that evening.

The Zocalo also offers much in the way of dining, drinking, and entertainment. A mixture of locals and tourists descend upon the town square in great numbers on the weekends and evenings. You can choose from a great selection of restaurants, many of which offer traditional and authentic Mexican fare. All of the eateries serve cold beer and most feature full bars. The vibe is exciting and the bars and restaurants are convivial and lively. There is always entertainment, dancing, and lots of good times into the late hours of the night.

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Acapulco Zocalo


The Acapulco Zocalo is a central gathering place in the old section of Acapul...

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