Akumal Mexico

Akumal Mexico is a small resort town located on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean coast, just 75 miles south of Cancun. This small but charming area is home to pristine white beaches, lush green jungle, great snorkeling in the turquoise waters, as well as protected sea turtles. For those in search of ancient mystery, Akumal Mexico is a great base from which to explore the Mayan ruins, many of which are just a day trip away. For those who want to while away their hours by relaxing in the sun, staying at an Akumal beach resort can provide easy access to the beach, great service, and help with organizing activities, making your stay as stress-free as possible.

The main beach at Akumal is a large stretch of fine white sand, and the shallow aqua waters are a perfect place for beginner snorkelers to see colorful fish in a shallow and comfortable environment. There are several areas of coral reef where squid, rays, sea turtles, and fish can be seen, and the waters are calm, allowing you to concentrate on the exotic underwater life. This is one of the few places where you can go snorkeling from the beach and see sea turtles swimming in the wild. The Akumal Dive Shop on the beach rents equipment to tourists, and a restaurant on the beach serves decent local dishes. The beach itself is also a beautiful place to stay and relax while on travel to Akumal, and the shallow waters make it an ideal place for children to swim.

There are a few choices for an Akumal beach resort on the main beach, though keep in mind that as a small town, the choices here are not as luxurious as what you may be used to in large tourist cities. The most popular beach resort here is The Akumal Beach Resort, located right on the beach. This three-star establishment provides all-inclusive service, with buffet meals and drinks all day, poolside lounging, and easy access to excellent snorkeling. The resort is relatively small compared to hotels in larger tourist areas, but the price is reasonable and the location can't be beat.

One of the highlights of travel to Akumal is a day trip to the Mayan ruins. The Tulum site nearby is the third most visited archaeological site in Mexico. It consists of a walled Mayan city that existed before the Columbian conquerors. The city is perched on the top of some sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean, making it one of the most spectacular sights on the Yucatan peninsula. The stone walls are still standing, as are the remains of the watchtowers at its corners. You can also climb the steps up to the stunningly well-preserved main temple and view the intricately carved murals and figurines that depict the Mayan "dive god."

In and around Akumal Mexico as well as Tulum are the Yucatan's signature cenotes, limestone sinkholes that are filled with fresh water. In ancient days these natural wells provided a source of fresh water for many Mayan communities. Cenotes are formed when the limestone shelf over a large underground reservoir collapses. Many of these water-filled holes are suitable for swimming, and the water is crystal clear. Some of the larger cenotes are points of entry for Akumal cave diving, which can be organized through local diving companies. Keep in mind that cave diving can be dangerous, and being certified to cave-dive as well as following a reliable guide is essential. For adventure enthusiasts who are qualified in cave diving, exploring the underwater cave systems can be one of the best things about travel to Akumal.

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