Mexico Beaches

Beaches - Los Gatos Beach
Beaches - Los Gatos Beach

As anyone planning a Mexico beach vacation is aware, Mexico beaches are among some of the most tempting in the world. Mexico beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. With pristine white sand, clear blue waters and a bevy of activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, surfing and much more. Chichen Itza, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Ixtapa, Puerto Escondido, Cancun, Cozumel and Cabo San Lucas are just a few of the more popular Mexico beach destinations.

Mexico Beaches
Mexico Beaches

Depending on your preferences, the best time to plan your Mexico beach vacation is likely between November and May. Although the weather is quite nice during the winter, Christmas and Easter generally attract huge holiday crowds and prices skyrocket. June and July are by far the hottest months of the year and Mexico beaches will be oppressively humid. Summer also sees the greatest influx of insects to the area, although these months are generally the least expensive travel times.

Once you've decided when to plan your Mexico beach vacation, you'll next want to decide on a destination. Cancun beaches are the most popular for travelers from all around the world. The water is clean, the beaches are seemingly endless and the town of Cancun offers plenty of activities. Most travelers stay at a Mexico beach resort when staying at Cancun beaches, and there are certainly plenty to choose from in Cancun. Cancun beaches are famous throughout the world for exceptional scuba diving, in particular and any Mexico beach resort in the area will offer information about diving, as well as discounts on diving tour packages.

Tulum is another popular beach destination. Located on the Caribbean coast, Tulum is one of the prettiest beaches in all of Mexico and offers a lovely view of ancient Mayan ruins that overlook the beach to boot. Tulum is a great destination for beach lovers looking to relax and splash about in the water without a lot of the busy activity that characterizes more touristy towns like Cancun. Electricity more sparsely available in Tulum accommodations, however the sandy cove and calm waters of this beach location is the perfect place for a swim.

Cabo San Lucas is yet another famous Mexico beach vacation spot with miles upon miles of warm white beaches stretching along side Mexico beach resorts and well kempt golf courses. Playa Cemeterio, Playa Santa Maria, and Playa Costa Azul are a few of the beaches located just steps from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Playa Costa Azul is a favorite among surfers, while some of the more northern beaches offer excellent scuba diving.

Although the most coveted Mexico beaches can be found on the Caribbean coast, the Pacific coast also has a nice group of Mexico beaches. Puerto Vallarta is one of the more well known, particularly among divers who travel to the area for the migration of humpbacked whales each winter. Acapulco is another Pacific Coast favorite, with a huge collection of Mexico beach resorts all along the shore.

Smaller Mexico beaches can be accessed from many of the larger resort towns, and travelers will be delighted to find that there are really no bad beach choices in Mexico. Depending on whether you want to include shopping, sun bathing, scuba diving, fishing, or even surfing as part of your Mexico beach vacation, you'll be sure to find the ideal Mexico beach for any kind of travel.

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