Cabo San Lucas Airport

A trip to the clear waters of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico will often begin at the Cabo San Lucas airport. This international airport receives flights daily from across the globe, with wide availability from different hubs in the United States. The accessibility of Cabo, as well as the excellent scuba diving, snorkeling, shopping, and nightlife, make it a very popular destination for singles, couples, and even families. The airport in Los Cabos is located in San Jose del Cabo and is only 29 miles northeast of Can San Lucas. In addition to flights, cruises are also a popular option for reaching this destination.

The most desired time to fly to Cabo San Lucas is from December through April, as during the summer months some visitors may find it too warm in Cabo. During the peak winter period, there are a greater number of flights to Los Cabos International Airport. Travelers flying from the East Coast of the US are more likely to find direct flights at this time, rather than flying through a connecting destination in Arizona or California, which may be the case in the off-peak season. If you are willing to fly to Cabo San Lucas during the week, this also may be more affordable than flying on the weekends during peak season.

The Cabo San Lucas airport is the first step into Mexico for the 2 million tourists who visit the area every year. The conveniences of a major international hub are present at the airport in Los Cabos, including airport shuttles, financial services, shopping, and rental cars. While many visitors choose to fly to Cabo, for locals or visitors to California, it is an easy drive to Cabo. The road from San Diego to Tijuana and on to Cabo San Lucas is a modern highway, making the scenic trip easy. Without even needing to fly, you could be enjoying some of the best golf and surfing this area of the world has to offer.

If you’d rather fly to Cabo San Lucas, the popularity of this destination means you’ll have your choice of flights. Direct service from the United States and Canada brings sun-seeking travelers to this resort paradise. Recent years have seen the building of multimillion-dollar hotels, luring families and honeymooners down to Cabo along with spring break travelers and the youth looking for legendary nightlife. From the West Coast of the US, it is possible to arrive at the Cabo San Lucas airport within about a two-hour flight. For travelers from Europe, flights from London and Paris are also available.

Flying by private airline or charter is also an option. This used to be the only way to reach the airport in Los Cabos, which made it a very exclusive destination. The international airport now welcomes multiple flights each day with passengers looking forward to the sun, surf, and marine life of this beautiful section of Mexico. The close proximity and development of the roads and airport in Cabo has made the natural beauty and culture of Mexico more accessible to travelers, and Cabo offers something to suit every traveler, whether active vacations of fishing and helicopter tours, or rejuvenating trips spent sunbathing and at spas.

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