Cabo San Lucas Attractions

Cabo San Lucas attracts a wide range of tourists, from young people looking to party in the nightclubs and bars during their Spring Break and sun-worshippers working on their tans to nature enthusiasts who come to visit the underwater nature preserve or watch the whales during their migration to the warm lagoons of Baja in early spring. Whatever Los Cabos attractions you are after, Cabo San Lucas has something to keep you entertained during your vacation.

Nightclubs and bars are some of the most popular Cabo San Lucas attractions, and they draw a young and energetic crowd out to party and have fun. During Spring Break, Cabo San Lucas is particularly frenetic, and the city, as well as the eighteen-mile corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, is packed with young partygoers moving between tanning on the beach and dancing the night away. If your idea of sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas Mexico is gazing at miles of bronzed bodies on the beach (and perhaps having a drink with them later), then Cabo during Spring Break is the place for you.

For those more-active travelers, Cabo San Lucas attractions include a variety of water sports, and sport fishing in particular is a prime attraction of the area. Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have extensive fleets—the largest sport fishing fleets in Mexico. Fishing is, after all, what put Los Cabos on the map in the first place. The rich, warm waters of the Sea of Cortez make it possible for fishing enthusiasts to catch 150-pound tunas, dorado, billfish, and a variety of other species found nowhere else in the world. Surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, and numerous other water sports are also available for those who aren’t interested in casting their lines.

Cabo San Lucas Attractions
Cabo San Lucas Attractions

One of the most famous of Cabo San Lucas attractions is the rock formation at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, known as Land's End. Appropriately called El Arco, the formation is a granite arch in the ocean that tourists can approach by boat. Although it is dangerous to climb and illegal to do so, El Arco is still incredibly impressive to approach. At low tides, visitors can walk out under the arch on dry land. Sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas Mexico must include a visit to this distinctive landmark, which is commonly featured in postcards and regarded as the symbol of Los Cabos.

Just around the corner from El Arco is Lover's Beach at Land's End, another one of the memorable Los Cabos attractions. Accessible only by boat, Lover's Beach is a must-see, with towering pale gray rocks and a smooth beach located right where the Pacific Ocean meets the warmer Sea of Cortez. Tourists can arrange transportation with one of the many boat operators at Plaza Las Glorias or El Medano beach across the bay. Swimming is dangerous in the rougher waters of the Pacific, so visitors are cautioned to attempt swimming or snorkeling only in the warm calm waters of the Sea of Cortez side. Many multicolored fish are to be seen while snorkeling here, and the spectacular scenery makes a day trip to Lover's Beach as well as El Arco one of the most popular things to do while sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

Some of the most fascinating Los Cabos attractions are the many species of marine life. From January to March, the waters of the Baja peninsula are occupied by the majestic California gray whales. These gentle giants are heading towards the warm nutrient-rich lagoons of the Sea of Cortez to feed and calve, after migrating more than 8,000 miles from Alaska, and, if you're lucky, can be glimpsed in the waters around Cabo. Many nature-lovers also come to Los Cabos to explore the San Jose Estuary and Bird Sanctuary, close to San Jose del Cabo. This nature reserve, where freshwater streams flow into the sea, is home to more than 100 species of birds, as well as a huge variety of turtles, fish, dolphins, and other marine life.

In spite of so many spectacular attractions, some neighborhoods of Los Cabos, particularly in San Jose del Cabo, still retain a small-town feel, with historic churches, old neighborhoods, and many plazas where tourists can relax and rest from the lively Cabo San Lucas attractions that have occupied their day.

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