Cabo San Lucas ATV Tours

In addition to the beaches, there’s a side to Cabo that many visitors never get a chance to see. The mountain, desert, and coastal landscapes are beautiful and intriguing, and they’re best explored with one of the ATV tours in Los Cabos. All-terrain vehicles grant visitors access to all areas, revealing distinct ecosystems and ocean-side cliffs. For many travelers, the highlight of Cabo San Lucas ATV tours is maneuvering through the sand dunes, where adrenaline-inducing speeds can be reached. With a storm of sand behind you, you’ll have found the adventure you were looking for when you booked Cabo ATV tours. These off-road experiences show visitors an older side of Cabo and reveal how the area looked before the addition of golf courses and resorts. Tours are available for beginners and experts alike.

Cruises that dock in Cabo often have time for just one excursion. While of course it would be fun to get out on the water for some kayaking or snorkeling, ATV tours in Los Cabos are another popular option. Some tour companies even arrange transportation for you and will pick you up at the dock and drop you off after your tour. Most ATVs are made for two people, so shared options are available as well. Often one person chooses to drive while the other enjoys the ride; this is a common request during Cabo San Lucas ATV tours. While no prior experience is necessary, the ATVs are semi-automatic, meaning they require a little bit of shifting, but don’t have a clutch. A lesson is giving at the beginning of the tour, and then you’re off! Passing waterfalls, crossing dry river beds, encountering historical architecture, and playing in the sand dunes are all highlights of Cabo ATV tours.

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