Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach is one of the finest beaches in Los Cabos. Its crystal blue waters provide great opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Besides exciting water sports, there are many more reasons to visit Chileno Beach on a spectacular Cabo San Lucas trip. Although it is most popular for its snorkeling and diving opportunities, the beach's beautiful setting is a pleasant place to simply relax in the sand, and its relatively quiet atmosphere makes it popular among those looking for a less-touristy beach in Cabo.

Bahia Chileno
Bahia Chileno

Located close to the Los Cabos highway, at kilometer marker 14.5, Chileno Beach offers a great diving and snorkeling spot for vacationers who want to catch a glimpse of rich marine life. The aquamarine water provides underwater views including beautiful coral reefs, vibrant reef fish, sea sponges, moray eels, and sea turtles. The flat and wide Chileno Beach is also quite ideal for jogging and strolling. Each morning, Chileno beach attracts many joggers from nearby resorts. Compared to other beaches in Los Cabos, Chileno provides safe swimming. You will find a nice combination of white sands and rock formations in the beach area.

Like Playa Santa Maria, Chileno Beach Cabo San Lucas boasts numerous snorkeling opportunities, including snorkel tours that begin around noon. There are various tour companies offering different snorkel options; when choosing your tour, look for a professional staff that will guide you to key snorkeling areas around the crescent cove of Chileno Beach. During your trip, you will have plenty of opportunities to see the beautiful marine life; you can take your own camera, if it’s waterproof, or can usually get one from your tour operator.

Experienced tourists looking for diving and snorkeling opportunities without the help of any tour guides can opt for a dive or snorkel rental, or bring their own gear. Unfortunately, there aren't many equipment suppliers around Chileno Beach Cabo San Lucas, and travelers are likely to find higher-quality gear in the cities rather than at the beach, so it’s best to make arrangements in downtown Cabo for any diving or snorkeling equipment you need.

Compared with other beaches in Los Cabos, particularly the popular Medano Beach, Chileno Beach is quiet and more sparsely populated. However, you may find occasional vendors selling snacks and jewelry to travelers. The beach also boasts several palm trees—a rare sight in other beaches at Cabo San Lucas. The palm trees provide natural shade, so there's no need to take beach umbrellas with you. The beach gets crowded with snorkelers around mid-day, when tour boats reach the shores, so it’s wise to start early in the morning if you want to get the best snorkeling opportunity at Chileno Beach Cabo San Lucas.

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