Cabo San Lucas Hotels

Cabo San Lucas Mexico has become Mexico's premier resort town in recent years. With acres of golf courses stretching near the city and a nightlife that is both lively and long. Cabo San Lucas Mexico is an excellent destination for your vacation. Cabo San Lucas hotels encompass a range of options, although most are more expensive then the average hotel in Mexico. Even more prevalent are the Cabo San Lucas resorts, which dot the coastline and are a source of luxury and comfort. Many Cabo San Lucas hotels and Cabo San Lucas resorts give guests the option of booking scuba diving trips, beach activities and other tours right at the front desk.


Cabo San Lucas Suites
Cabo San Lucas Suites

Tourists will find suites to be an excellent choice when booking Cabo San Lucas hotels. Suites are generally defined as having multiple rooms and often include a kitchenette area where guests can prepare their own food for meals like breakfast and lunch. Many of the more popular suites are located on the Baja Peninsula and specialize in fishing and scuba diving. Suites on the peninsula are a great choice for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Cabo San Lucas Mexico, as most are quiet and have their own private beach.

Bed and Breakfasts

Cabo San Lucas Bed and Breakfasts
Cabo San Lucas Bed and Breakfasts

Decidedly different from Cabo San Lucas resorts, Bed and Breakfasts offers a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and an alternative to the hectic resort scene. After a day spent shopping, swimming, or exploring, heading back to one of the quaint bed and breakfasts in Cabo San Lucas can be like coming home. As the name suggests, a homemade breakfast is included in the price of your stay. Guests are invited to dine with other travelers in the morning, or to take breakfast back to their room. Whether you choose to fellowship with other travelers or take a nibble in your room, Bed and Breakfasts have a homey feel that is hard to beat.

Cabo San Lucas Resorts

Cabo San Lucas Hotels
Cabo San Lucas Hotels

Cabo San Lucas Mexico is perhaps most famous for its extensive network of classy resorts. Cabo San Lucas hotels can range in price, and guests can choose from a range of packages such as all-inclusive Cabo San Lucas hotels, or hotels in Cabo San Lucas that simply charge for the cost of a place to sleep. Either way, a resort in Cabo San Lucas will include access to basic hotel amenities, as well as beach access. Many Cabo San Lucas resorts feature gorgeous spas and concierge service to help guests book scuba diving tours, fishing trips, and a range of other popular activities. The RIU Palace (pictured at top of page) features 642 well-furnished rooms and a resort staff that will leave you feeling like royalty. They also feature six on-site restaurants to suit every taste, and Pacha, the on-site nightclub.

Given the popularity of Cabo San Lucas Mexico, travelers will want to book well in advance. Also, note that rates will be much higher between December and April. Budget options are generally available through travel companies, and watchful tourists will find seasonal promotions. Many promotions include activities, such as fishing or scuba diving, as well as all-inclusive options. Staying at a hotel in the city or taking your vacation to a nearby resort will make for a relaxing trip.

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