Cabo Cruises

Why not arrive in Cabo San Lucas in style? For some people this may mean a chartered flight, while for others Cabo cruises hold a certain allure. On a cruise, your vacation will begin long before you even reach Cabo, as you traverse the gentle waters of the Pacific to this popular Mexican destination. In addition, Cabo San Lucas cruises offer the same attractions independent travelers enjoy, including snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and fishing. Some cruises stay at port for longer than others, and some even stay overnight, to give passengers a chance to experience the nightlife of Cabo. If you’ve already planned to arrive at the airport and would like to spend some of your vacation at the beach, you can still get out on the water for a sunset cruise in Cabo.

Many travelers choose to cruise to Los Cabos for the convenience. The close proximity to Southern California, as departures from both Los Angeles and San Diego are available, results in a short, enjoyable cruise, and short cruises have grown in popularity for their affordability and great value. With meals, accommodation, and sometimes beverages included, Cabo cruises are tempting for singles, couples, and families alike, though families may want to avoid Cabo San Lucas cruises during the time of college spring break, when availability on these affordable cruises is quickly booked up by students looking to party. However, at this time of year some of the more upscale, luxurious cruises can still be enjoyed by families or couples looking for a more relaxed vacation.

Cabo Cruises
Cabo Cruises

Other excuses to get out on the water include fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing. If you’re looking for a less adventurous boat trip, look into a sunset cruise in Cabo. Be sure to research the boat trip before booking, however, as options range from wild booze cruises to relaxed sunset sails. These cruises are popular options for students or spring breakers who are lured by the one-price, open-bar aspect of a sunset sail. Catamarans offer a more relaxed sunset cruise in Cabo, or travelers might sign up for the pirate ship to get the party started early.

Shore Excursions
Shore Excursions

Cabo cruises can help travelers make the best of a long weekend. If you only have a few days to get away, let the relaxation begin the moment you step aboard the ship. Shore excursions include opportunities to play at one of Cabo’s famous golf courses or continue the water adventure with parasailing. Adults-only cruises are also available, providing the ultimate relaxing experience. Travelers may book a cruise to Cabo for the convenience, but they will often be surprised and pleased at the culture they experience as well. The cuisine, music, and shopping you experience in Cabo will have a distinct Mexican flair.

While deals for Cabo San Lucas cruises can be found booking in advance, recent trends have shown that the best deals can be found in the weeks leading up to the day of departure. The number of ships on this popular route encourages competition, and if you have some flexibility in your schedule, you can obtain a great price. Cruise companies earn extra income through gambling and alcohol on board, and thus they can offer very competitive prices on the accommodation and cuisine. Smaller, more intimate cruise ships are also available for eco cruises, which typically sail into more remote areas, including the Sea of Cortez. Whether you drive, fly, or cruise to Cabo, you’ll surely enjoy the pleasures this Mexican treasure has to offer.

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