Divorce Beach

Divorce Beach is a crescent shaped beach on the Pacific side of the famous Arch at Land’s End. The other beach there, Lovers Beach, faces the Bahia San Lucas harbor of town and the Sea of Cortez. You can only get to these beaches by boat, and there are numerous luxury yachts, glass-bottomed boats, and other vessels that make the trip from the Marina District in Cabo San Lucas town. Boat captains will bring their crafts as close to Lovers Beach as possible, and then you have no choice but to get wet. In October, when the water levels are low, you can walk under the Arch, but the stunning scenery from the distinctive rock formations is fabulous any time of year. The rock formations figure in the history of Cabo San Lucas, as it was an ideal lookout for pirates; there is still pirate graffiti here from those buccaneer days.

Divorce Beach is the larger of the two. Like all beaches on the Baja Peninsula that face the Pacific, there are strong rip tide and currents and high waves off Divorce Beach. You should exercise caution when getting into the water. If you want to go for a swim, simply walk over to Lovers Beach, where the Bahia San Lucas waters are much safer.

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