East Cape Baja

While the bustling beaches in Los Cabos are popular among most tourists to the area, certain regions attract a large number of travelers looking for a tranquil ambience. The East Cape is one such area known for its idyllic beaches and unruffled natural beauty. Situated between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas along the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, East Cape Baja is an angler's dream destination. Tourists looking for the finest Los Cabos resorts as well as some of the best fishing in Mexico often come here for a tranquil East Cape fishing vacation.

This area boasts numerous secluded beaches, perfect for an isolated holiday. Some are unnamed and far from the hustle of city life, but they are great for a relaxing swim or picnic. The region also provides opportunities for outdoor activities including mountain biking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and kayaking along the Sea of Cortez. Compared with Cabo San Lucas and its busy nightlife, East Cape is a far cry from any such activities, remaining famous only for its untouched natural surroundings and fishing opportunities.

Accessing the secluded areas of East Cape Baja is best done by renting a car from either La Paz or Los Cabos airport, or in the cities of San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas. Most travelers prefer to follow the longer dirt road along the coast, but travelers can also take the road from the Mexico highway south of Los Cabos International Airport, which will take only about one hour to reach the cape region. Other options include boats and private airplanes, as certain resorts at the Cape have airstrips, but car rentals are the most popular choice among tourists.

East Cape is an ideal destination for anyone seeking the perfect fishing spot in Mexico. The best places for East Cape fishing begin at Canal de Cerralvo in the north and include the deep trenches that touch the Punta los Frailes shores in the south. Notable fishing spots between these areas include Punta Arena, Los Barriles, La Ribera Baja, Cerro Verde, Punta Pescadero, Buena Vista, Punta Colorado, and Cabo Pulmo. In order to protect the delicate coral reefs, fishing within the boundaries of the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park is restricted. However, the periphery of the protected waters is quite small, and a short boat trip outside the boundaries of the park will take you to the deep waters where fishing is allowed. You can enjoy nice catches like dorado, wahoo, sailfish, marlin, snapper and other game fish in the deep waters outside the prohibited Cabo Pulmo Marine Park.

While different species of fish are found in deeper waters throughout the year, summer season is the best time to catch game fish, as well as huge billfish and blue and black marlins. There are also good fishing opportunities between April and November; these months are best for landing striped marlin and sailfish. You can also catch swordfish and large yellowfin tuna between December and May; the winter months, January through March, are particularly nice for an East Cape fishing vacation. The waters farther offshore from East Cape Baja boast the larger game fish, but closer areas such as between Punta los Frailes and Punta Arena have a blend of large and small fish, courtesy of the area's unique underwater topography.

La Ribera Baja is also a great location for anglers. Located 50 miles from San Jose del Cabo, La Ribera (La Rivera) is a small fishing village with untouched flora and fauna, including its banana and mango trees. La Ribera Baja also provides a great atmosphere for camping. You can access the palapa shelters at the southern end of the beach area to have a nice place to relax, assuming they’re not already occupied by the local fishermen. La Ribera Baja is also well-known for its fresh farm produce, which is usually offered by local villagers to long-term travelers, making this one of the ideal spots to for a relaxing picnic on the beach and a chance to take in the natural scenery of Baja California.

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