Cabo San Lucas Eco Tours

Cabo offers flora and fauna that will amaze even the most well-traveled wildlife enthusiast. Cabo San Lucas eco tours explore the desert, the ocean, and the mountains and reveal the wonders that each has to offer. Whether you wanted to hike the mountains or ride in the back of the jeep, there is an eco tour in Cabo for you. Local tour companies have been developing and expanding in recent years, offering wider choices for visitors. It is also important to these companies to remain ecologically friendly in their practices and therefore preserving the natural beauty of Baja for future generations. Cabo San Lucas ecotourism has grown thanks to the easy accessibility of the area, as an international airport in Cabo makes arriving from the US, Canada, and Europe very simple.

For many visitors, marine life is the center of their eco tour in Cabo. Whether you’re fulfilling a lifelong desire to swim with dolphins or get up close to whale sharks, this is all possible in Cabo. Kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving can all be included in eco tours, revealing the more than 800 species of fish that live in the Sea of Cortez. On land, Cabo San Lucas eco tours include horse rides across stretches of the desert, ATV expeditions, and quiet hikes followed by a refreshing swim. Bird-watching has also brought many visitors to Cabo, and a growing aspect of Cabo San Lucas ecotourism is whale watching, including charting the migratory patterns of these beautiful creatures. Whether you are interested in the animals and plants of the sea, the mountains, or the desert, you’ll find the opportunity to explore them all during a trip to Cabo.

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