El Arco Cabo San Lucas

The west end of Cabo San Lucas Bay abounds with rock formations, but none can match the grandeur of El Arco. Known in English as The Arch, El Arco is located at Land's End in Cabo, and this spectacular landmark is one of the iconic symbols of the area. It is often pictured on postcards and souvenirs that depict the Baja Peninsula.

El Arco Cabo San Lucas is a 200-foot granite rock situated at the tip of the Land's End peninsula. A major landmark, El Arco Mexico attracts hundreds of tourists who come to see its spectacular natural shape, which was carved by the strong ocean currents. Centuries ago, The Arch was used as a hiding place by pirates, who would ambush and plunder merchant ships heading toward the west coast. Today, this unique landmark instead draws numerous cruises and mini boats filled with tourists looking for photo opportunities.

Land's End Cabo

Land's End Cabo
Land's End Cabo

If you take a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas harbor to Land's End, you will see an array towering rock formations, including the arch. The series of rugged rocks in the Pacific, which reaches Alaska's Aleutian Islands, is known by the locals as the Finisterra. El Arco Cabo San Lucas is distinct from other rock formations, however, because of its unique arch shape.

There are several formations worth seeing between The Arch and Playa del Amor, a popular honeymoon destination, including two huge rock islets. Known popularly as Los Frailes (The Friars), these rock islets look like hooded monks and are known to be a favorite hub of sea lions. Other rock formations near Land's End in Cabo include Roca Pelicanos (Pelican Rock), a smaller rocky outcrop located off the northeast side of the cape. The base of this rocky outcrop is home to a rich array of marine life, including gorgonians (sea fans), sea urchins, beautiful coral formations, and colorful tropical fish.

The fact that El Arco is easily accessible makes it a perfect spot for adventurers and backpackers. You can take a water taxi from the city’s harbor or hire small Mexican boats called pangas to reach El Arco Cabo San Lucas. These mini boats can be rented at Playa el Medano, which is Cabo's main beach, or from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. You may also access El Arco Mexico via the Playa del Amor (Lovers Beach). During low tide, an additional part of Lovers Beach becomes visible, allowing travelers to reach the arch by foot. According to the locals at Lovers Beach, the ocean waters reach their lowest point once every four years, providing extra-close access to El Arco Mexico. However, the Pacific side of Lovers Beach is not a safe destination for snorkeling or diving, so tourists cannot access the arch via the water from this area.

It's illegal to climb the Arch, but simply seeing this natural wonder is often a highlight of a trip to Cabo, and you can still make your El Arco excursion a memorable experience by bringing in your camera and a picnic lunch if you plan to spend some time gazing at it from the beach or a boat. From a distance El Arco Mexico might not look massive, but as you get closer, the truly impressive stature of this granite formation becomes clear.

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