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Throughout the year, many festive events in Los Cabos make traveling to Cabo San Lucas exciting for reasons beyond its well-deserved status as a resort and golf destination. With the opportunity to participate in community festivals, tournaments, contests, and other Cabo San Lucas events, visitors can fill their days not only with beaches and other Los Cabos attractions, but also with a multitude of activities for the nature enthusiast, the sport fisher, or those visitors interested in a glimpse into local culture.

If you are interested in off-roading or racing, the Baja 1000 event (pictured) held in November is one of the most famous Cabo San Lucas events, an off-road racing event taking place on the Baja Peninsula. The race includes a multitude of different vehicle classes, including motorcycles, stock VWs, trucks, custom racing vehicles, dune buggies, ATVs, and more. The event draws many spectators, and for those who are interested in an off-road driving experience, many tour operators based in Cabo San Lucas offer guided off-roading tours on tracks similar to those used in the Baja 1000.

Some of the biggest events in Los Cabos are fishing tournaments. As one of the best fishing locations in the world, Cabo San Lucas draws millions of sport-fishers every year. The Cabo San Lucas Billfishing Tournament in late October has teams of anglers fishing for the biggest billfish, with impressive prizes and jackpots totaling $500,000. The Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot is also one of the most popular fishing tournaments of the year, with huge prizes and parties in the evenings. Anyone truly serious about fishing will enjoy being in Cabo San Lucas during one of its fishing events.

Many Cabo San Lucas festivals are held throughout the year, such as the Todos Santos Art Festival in February, which showcases Mexican culture as much as contemporary art. With folk dancing and theater, music recitals, and guest speakers who come to discuss local issues such as sea turtle conservation, environmental fragility, and Baja history, the Art Festival gives a glimpse into local life, as well as great parties and dancing in the main plaza. If you are planning to take part in the Art Festival, make sure to book your Cabo accommodation early, as this is one of the most popular Cabo San Lucas festivals.

On October 18, locals celebrate the Fiesta Patronales de Cabo San Lucas, the day of St. Luke, the patron saint of Cabo. One of the most local of Cabo San Lucas festivals, the Fiesta de San Lucas is a quintessential Mexican patron saint celebration, with parades, music, dance, and street vendors selling delicious food.

In addition to local Cabo San Lucas events, any of the large Mexican celebrations is a great excuse for Cabo San Lucas to host huge parties. The festival of Carnaval is a weekend of partying before the solemnity of Lent, and is filled with eating, drinking, parades, and other festivities. In August, the Feast of the Assumption of Saint Mary, celebrating Mary's ascent into heaven, is a family celebration marked by parades and processions. One of the historic events in Los Cabos celebrates the day of Mexican Independence on September 16, with mariachi bands, fireworks, folk dancing, parades, and family picnics. Mexican Revolution Day on November 20 celebrates its namesake by commemorating events of the Mexican Revolution, with bullfights, rodeos, fireworks, and music.

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