Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its beaches and water-related activities, but it’s also an ideal destination for travelers interested in art and local crafts. A trip to the Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory will show how glassware is made using the oldest techniques; the earliest method was discovered around 3000 BC and the technique of glassblowing in about 100 BC. It was introduced in Mexico in 1535 by the Spanish artisans from Europe. Although the techniques of manufacturing glass have changed since the sixteenth century, there are certain areas in Mexico that still follow the age-old glassblowing technique to create rustic, hand-blown crafts, and Cabo San Lucas art galleries and shops have some of the best and ancient artistic Mexican hand-blown glasses on display.

The Baja Peninsula first established its own hand-blown glass factory in the early 1990s when local businessman Sebastian Romo decided to build one on the outskirts of Todos Santos. The factory was built to meet the crockery requirements of nearby restaurants and hotels, and today this glass factory in Cabo employs more than 35 artisans to make artistic and beautiful glassware using lead-free and recycled glass. More than 500 pieces of creative and unique glassware are manufactured daily, and an on-site shop also takes custom orders from restaurants and bars as well as from individual buyers.

The Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory has many surprises for tourists. The foundry boasts creative examples of traditional hand-blown glass. A short tour inside the Glass Factory provides good information on the capabilities of the foundry, and watching the traditional glassblowing technique still followed by the artisans is quite fantastic. Mid-afternoon is the best time to watch the unique hand-blown glassmaking procedure because during these hours the glass manufacturing process is at its peak. You will find several tour agencies offering guided visits to the Glass Factory in Cabo, but you can also drive yourself or take a taxi from downtown Cabo if you prefer to visit on your own. The Glass Factory has a shop on-site selling excellent glassware, intricately designed figurines, plates, and bowls, and you can order the best glassware from the shop if you find something interesting to take home.

If you enjoyed your Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory trip and are interested in other local handicrafts, then a visit to the numerous art galleries at Cabos will provide information on other Mexican artwork. There is a very good local selection of art galleries displaying traditional Mexican art, including sculptures and paintings. Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are bustling with shops and galleries featuring exclusive arts and crafts from the Baja Peninsula. The Cabo San Lucas art galleries and shops attract both shoppers browsing for souvenirs and art-lovers looking for rare paintings, sculptures, or artistic glassware. Popular art galleries in Cabo include the Old Town Gallery, Gali & Gabo, and the Golden Cactus Gallery. The Old Town gallery is well-known for its original Los Cabos arts by different local and international artists. You can find fascinating Bohemian crystal sculptures in the area, as well as an excellent romantic fine art gallery that depicts the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez along with deserts and mountains of Baja California Sur.

A trip to Los Cabos can revolve entirely around spending time on the beach, but travelers should also take advantage of the wonderful Cabo San Lucas art galleries and the Glass Factory. While the Glass Factory in Cabo shows the ancient Mexican form of glassmaking, the art galleries exemplify the mesmerizing artworks and paintings of Mexico, creating a memorable combination of the visual arts in this region.

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Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory

Glass Factory

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its beaches and water-related activities, but it...

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