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Cabo San Lucas is a mecca for water sports. However you envision yourself enjoying the Sea of Cortez—scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or fishing—there are plenty of options to keep you busy during a trip to Mexico. Of all the water activities, Los Cabos kayaking is a popular choice. Lacking the time commitment of scuba diving or the expense of chartering a boat for fishing, Cabo San Lucas kayaking is an affordable way to get out on the aquamarine water and even experience the abundant sea life firsthand.

Kayaking in Cabo
Kayaking in Cabo

If you want to kayak in Cabo San Lucas independently, kayaks can be rented for about 10 15 US dollars per hour. When renting your kayak, you will be advised to stay away from rocks and beware of other ocean traffic. Local experts will also help guide you to the best areas and let you know where kayaks are forbidden to go. While you may be expecting a leisurely paddle, many travelers are surprised by the amount of energy and effort Baja sea kayaking takes, even though the waters are known to be very gentle. For great exercise on a trip while you’re otherwise relaxing, eating, and drinking, consider getting out on the ocean for an afternoon paddle.

If you’d rather have a guide with you during your adventure, Cabo San Lucas kayaking tours are available for approximately 25 USD per person. For some travelers, the presence of a guide sets them at ease, and having a guide along during your Baja sea kayaking trip also will ensure an understanding of your surroundings. Guides often share the history of the region and know the best locations to see active marine life. From the seat of your kayak you will be able to see tropical fish gliding beneath the surface, an experience that may just intrigue you enough to look into snorkeling or scuba diving during your trip to Cabo.

A great time to kayak in Cabo San Lucas is at sunset. By the late afternoon, temperatures have cooled and the sun shimmering on the Sea of Cortez makes for a beautiful sight. You may not see as many fish during this type of adventure, but the golden glow of the sun on the surroundings is a worthwhile sight in itself. Some companies in Cabo have a time by which the kayak must be returned, however, so keep an eye on your watch and don’t paddle out too far as the light is becoming more dim. Other than Cabo San Lucas kayaking, options to enjoy the water at sunset include sunset cruises, known for either romance or partying.

One of the highlights of Baja sea kayaking is a trip to the Land’s End sea lion colony. If you’re interested in seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, this is a great excursion for you. Rock formations are another highlight, including famous El Arco and Lovers’ Beach, known locally as Playa del Amor. The opportunity to kayak in Cabo San Lucas will reveal these popular attractions from a different perspective. Honeymooners, families, couples, and singles alike will all be mesmerized by the offerings of Cabo San Lucas.

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