Costa Azul Beach

If surfing is your activity of choice at a beach in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo, then Costa Azul Beach might be the ideal spot to spend time during your Baja vacation. Popularly known as the Blue Coast, Costa Azul is San Jose del Cabo's premier surf destination, and seen from the highway, the beach is exceptionally beautiful, particularly because of its aquamarine water and pristine white sands. You can easily catch a glimpse of the Costa Azul beach from kilometer marker 27 through kilometer marker 29 along the tourist corridor. The entrance to the beach is situated at kilometer marker 28 and can be easily reached via the Costa Azul Bridge. The serene environment coupled with beautiful rock formations and coral make Costa Azul Beach an excellent spot for vacationers.

Costa Azul Beach
Costa Azul Beach

Costa Azul Beach is only for surfing, not swimming or snorkeling, and it is best suited to intermediate and advanced surfers, as opposed to beginners. For expert surfers, the Zippers and La Roca surf breaks in the southwest of Costa Azul beach are the perfect spot to ride the spectacular waves. The surfers visit mostly during the summer, when the weather patterns, including tropical storms, create the largest waves in the warm Pacific. Each summer, surf competitions are held among expert local surfers and tourists alike. You can get all the required equipment for rent at the famous Costa Azul surf shop, which is located across the highway, including surfboards. Be cautious as the waves can be very dangerous, but there are frequent training sessions held on the beach for free, to ensure that surfers are familiar with the wave patterns before they get in the water.

A good beach in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo may provide plenty of activities for tourists, such as water sports, beach volleyball, and sunbathing, but Costa Azul is specifically well-known for surfing. Tourists can avail great surf excursion opportunities through the services of the Costa Azul Surf Shop. It provides all necessary rental equipment at reasonable prices and also provides expert training options. Beginners can either take the help of expert trainers on the beach or on the surf shop itself, but it is advisable to learn a bit of surfing at the Acapulquito Beach, especially if you are new to surfing. This beach is located west of Costa Azul Beach and is the best surf break for beginners. For intermediate surfers, the Rock and the Zippers are excellent for surfing during the daytime. However, the real fun with the surfboard starts at dusk and the Surf Shop provides exclusive surf excursions at sunset.

Being a popular surf hangout does not mean Costa Azul is only for water-sports enthusiasts. The Costa Azul beach is also famous for its family-friendly atmosphere. Travelers are sure to enjoy the food available at Zipper's restaurant, including delicious cheeseburgers and mouthwatering seafood, and the restaurant is one of the best places to watch surfers in action. The service is slow compared with other Los Cabos restaurants, but the price is relatively cheap and the views will keep you entertained, and whether it's the excellent surfing opportunity or a great evening at the Zipper's, Costa Azul is the one of the finest destinations for spending time at the beach in Cabo San Lucas.

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