Lovers Beach

Lovers Beach is one of most secluded Los Cabos beaches and very popular among travelers on a honeymoon in Baja. A nice romantic vacation spot, the beach was once called Playa de Dona Chepa, but today it is well-known among tourists and locals as the Lovers Beach. The cove on the Sea of Cortez is located northwest of El Arco, which is at the Land's End peninsula. It consists of two beachfronts, one on the Pacific Ocean, known as Divorce Beach, and another facing Cabo San Lucas Bay.

The romantic name of Lovers Beach draws in lovebirds from all over North America, and the beautiful white sands and the scenic environment complement the aquamarine Sea of Cortez. Unlike other beaches in Los Cabos, such as Santa Maria Beach or Playa Bahia Chileno, this beach is not marketed as family-friendly but rather is specifically for couples, giving it a more sedate and intimate atmosphere than other area beaches.

While snorkeling and swimming are some of the major activities at Lovers beach Cabo San Lucas, tourists should take care while swimming in the rougher waters of the Pacific. The Pacific beachfront, whimsically called Divorce Beach, is very dangerous for any kind of water sports. A short walk from Lovers Beach, Divorce Beach is known for precarious waves and strong ocean currents. Always maintain a safe distance from the water when visiting this side of the Lovers Beach as the tides are quite fierce. Moreover, the rescue operations may be slow or delayed during any mishaps, so it is best to use this stretch of white sand only for sunbathing and watching the waves.

The best spot for swimming and snorkeling at Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas is on the bay side, facing the Sea of Cortez. The clear azure water is one of the best snorkeling spots in Cabo San Lucas, and though there are fewer coral attractions than at other beaches, the southeast end has eye-catching coral-encrusted rocks. While snorkeling around the base of the rocks, you can see a lovely array of marine life including schools of green and blue parrot fish and striped sergeant major fish. What's more, travelers will often see seals lying at the base of The Arch—one of the famous landmarks of Los Cabos beaches and one of the area’s most popular and recognizable destinations. If you’re interested in snorkeling, be sure to plan ahead; gear must be rented in the city as there are no facilities on the beach.

Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas and the areas around the Land's End peninsula are known for their impressive sights, particularly the unusual rock formations and other natural scenes. Besides The Arch, there are several natural oddities including Neptune's Finger and the mini caves nearby the beach, so there is plenty to see in the area, even if you plan only to relax on the sand.

The beach’s seclusion adds charm, but it means that there are no convenience stores or facilities available here. You will see occasional beach vendors selling snacks and soft drinks, but it’s best to make sure that you bring your own equipment, bottled water, and food.

Compared with other Los Cabos beaches, Lovers Beach has relatively few access options, except for hiring a glass-bottom boat or water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas marine sanctuary, or renting kayaks from Medano Beach. Typically the best options for newcomers are to take a water taxi, as it also includes an informative tour around El Arco and the Sea of Cortez, or to go via glass-bottom boat from the marina. This generally costs as little as $10 for a round-trip, but make sure you have made arrangements for the return trip. Once your plans are made, there’s nothing left to do but relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at this lovely beach in Los Cabos.

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