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Los Cabos Mexico
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Located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, San Jose del Cabo is the municipal seat of Los Cabos Mexico, and together with its neighbor, Cabo San Lucas, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, especially among American travelers. In contrast to its rowdier, more infamous neighbor, San Jose del Cabo is somewhat tamer than Cabo San Lucas, and it is a more family-friendly destination in Los Cabos Mexico. The two communities are linked by an eighteen-mile "tourist corridor," a stretch of waterfront properties lined with beach resorts, luxury housing developments, and golf courses.

San Jose Del Cabo Mission
San Jose Del Cabo Mission
San Jose Del Cabo Mexico
San Jose Del Cabo Mexico

Those who travel to San Jose del Cabo will find it a laid-back town with much historical and colonial charm. The historical center of the city exhibits an Old Mexican charm, with the old Parroquia San José church and its plaza, along with quaint stores where tourists can shop for hand-carved curios. In the plaza, tourists can peruse art exhibits, sit and enjoy a meal, or relax and dance under the stars as live bands play Mexican music. The town also has many quiet old residential neighborhoods. With a colorful history that includes pirates, Jesuit missionaries, and indigenous uprisings, San Jose del Cabo is a good destination for those who travel to Baja California looking for a glimpse of the history and traditions of long-ago Mexico. In contrast to most resort towns, the downtown area is located about a mile away from the beach, making the town atmosphere a bit less touristy than the waterfront corridor.

Many nature-lovers travel to San Jose del Cabo for the beautiful protected estuary, the San Jose Estuary and Bird Sanctuary, located to its southeast, which is inhabited by more than 100 species of birds and a colorful variety of marine life, including turtles, fish, and pods of dolphins frolicking in the waves. These amazing animals can be viewed by ATV, kayak, or even on horseback. This protected area is one of the hidden gems of Los Cabos Mexico.

Beaches are, of course, one of the main draws of the Baja peninsula, and San Jose del Cabo is no exception. Costa Azul is San Jose's most popular beach, with popular surfing breaks located towards the west end of this long beach. To the east of San Jose is the smaller community of La Playita, which is immensely popular for sport fishing and boasting (with species such as the dorado, tuna, marlin, and the roosterfish) and has an extensive panga boat fleet. (The panga is a Mexican version of a skiff.) East of La Playita there are many peaceful and deserted beaches known as the East Cape. There are also many quiet beaches and coves along the eighteen-mile corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Along with beautiful beaches, visitors who travel to San Jose del Cabo can delight in a plethora of water activities, including surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, water-skiing, glass-bottom boat cruises, whale watching, and more.

Staying in San Jose del Cabo is easy, no matter what your budget happens to be. Whether you are looking for a low to mid-range chain hotel, a private rented villa, or the luxury of an all-inclusive resort such as the fine Palmilla hotel, San Jose has it all. Quality restaurants are also around every corner, and many of the restaurants are less crowded and boast more genuine elegance than the touristy restaurants of Cabo San Lucas. With its more laid-back atmosphere, great service, and interesting local culture, San Jose del Cabo is a great choice for a stay in Los Cabos Mexico.

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