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While the most popular land-based activity in Cabo San Lucas may be golf, shopping comes in at a close second. Shops in Los Cabos offer a variety of goods, from local hand-blown glass, pottery, and jewelry to the best luxury brand-name items. A trip to a traditional market and bargaining for local goods is a favorite part of the Cabo San Lucas shopping experience. These excursions allow visitors to connect with local people and even bring home some of the artwork and handicrafts that the region has become known for. Souvenir shops, art galleries, and fine boutiques all make up the best shopping in Cabo San Lucas.

Shopping in Cabo
Shopping in Cabo

A stroll in the lively downtown shopping district near the marina offers great opportunities for Cabo San Lucas shopping. This area includes two popular malls as well, Puerto Paraiso Los Cabos and Luxury Avenue Mall. One of the more unpleasant accompaniments to an afternoon wandering the shopping district is persistent street vendors, so if you aren’t interested in what they are selling, be firm in your response, and they will move on to the next person. If you show even a bit of interest, they might continue to hassle you hoping for a sale. These situations can be avoided by browsing in the many shops in Los Cabos and bypassing the street vendors.

Cabo Shopping
Cabo Shopping

San Jose del Cabo also offers some of the best shops in Los Cabos. A daytrip to this eighteenth-century mission town can be spent browsing through specialty boutiques. Shops are located in the historic downtown area, and they are known to have an artistic flair and calm environment. The surrounding architecture, variety of cafés for lunch, and cultural touches of a shopping excursion to San Jose del Cabo make the trip well worth it. You may find colorful original art works, bold jewelry, and handmade pottery during your browsing.

If you’re looking for other things to do along with goods, then the best shopping in Cabo San Lucas might be at Puerto Paraiso. Boutiques with designer clothing are set beside gourmet restaurants, a bowling alley, and a movie theater. A great option for the family, this mall along the marina in Cabo will offer both shopping and entertainment. Cabo San Lucas shopping can offer a break from other famous activities of the area, including scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and fishing. If you’re looking for a day away from the beach and out of the sun, shopping easily will keep you occupied.

Shopping here was made more tempting in 2008 when Mexico started returning the 10 percent tax tourists pay on goods over 100 US dollars; kiosks at the Los Cabos airport are available to claim back the tax paid on these goods. Although there are numerous possibilities, the best shopping in Cabo San Lucas is for goods you can use on your vacation. If you need an extra bathing suit, a fashionable hat to ward off the sun, or a pair of strappy sandals, you are guaranteed to find it. Gifts to bring home, unique crafts, and designer fashions will all tempt you during a shopping expedition in Cabo and ensure that you have wonderful souvenirs to go along you’re the memories of your trip to Baja.

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