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If you’re looking for memorable things to do during your trip to Baja, consider getting under the surface of Cabo with a snorkeling expedition. This area of Mexico is known for its more than 800 varieties of fish, and snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas allows you to see it all firsthand. This popular activity doesn’t require as much commitment or knowledge as scuba diving, but it still grants access to some of the most beautiful sights Cabo has to offer. If you want to snorkel in Cabo, you don’t have to be an expert or even have any prior experience at all. Rent a mask and flippers and you’ll be on your way, or if you’d prefer, hire a guide to show you the best spots for tropical fish and coral reefs.

Snorkeling Cabo
Snorkeling Cabo

When you go snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll understand what the fuss over underwater adventures here is about. The colors are outstanding, and the stunning variety of fish and coral you’ll see may seem more imaginary than real. Cabo San Lucas snorkeling can also be combined with kayaking or boat tours. After sitting in the sun admiring the landscape, you’ll be glad to get in t he water to snorkel and cool off before continuing your boat trip. Cabo snorkel tours are widely available and can be booked for small groups, families, or as part of a pre-packaged tour. This large-boat option, bringing many people snorkeling at once, would most likely be the most affordable option for people looking for the help of an expert guide.

Snorkeling in Baja is a top attraction of the area, along with golf, shopping, spas, and surfing. Combining Cabo San Lucas snorkeling with kayaking or sailing guarantees an active vacation. If you travel to Cabo during the warmest time of the year, from May through September, you’ll want to keep your schedule full of water-based activities to keep cool. The added benefit of traveling during this time of the year is the warm waters combined with great visibility. Snorkelers and scuba divers alike will enjoy up to 100 feet of visibility during this time of the year. It is of course possible to snorkel in Cabo year-round as well, though the visibility won’t be quite so excellent at other times of the year.

An affordable activity, opportunities to go snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas are available starting at approximately 20 dollars per person. If you have a little extra room in you budget, snorkel tours including snacks, drinks, and even a sunset sail can be included in the price of your tour. For travelers looking for a basic two-hour snorkel tour, these are available as well. Many of these tours bring visitors to the Cabo San Lucas Marine Reserve, which is a quick boat ride away from the marina. One of the best destinations for Cabo San Lucas snorkeling, the Marine Reserve is home to striped colorful fish and bright coral reefs.

Lovers’ Beach (Playa del Amor) and the famous arch rock formation are other popular spots to snorkel in Cabo. You can get up close to the arch during a snorkel trip and relax on the beach after exploring the area. Cruises to Cabo often dock long enough for visitors to indulge in a few water activities, including snorkeling. A snorkeling tour can show you a variety of different attractions in Cabo as well, including the sea lion colony, so research all the available tours before committing to one, or book a few and see all that Cabo has to offer.

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