Cabo Spring Break

Twenty years ago, Cabo San Lucas was a sleepy fishing village. Today, only traces of that past can be seen—especially during Spring Break. Each year, college students head for Cabo by plane and cruise ship to experience for themselves the beaches and nightlife that have earned Cabo such a reputation. A Cabo spring break is popular for many reasons, including affordability, proximity to the US, and availability of flights. The variety of water activities and sunset cruises keeps students occupied during the day, and the nightlife keeps them up until dawn. Cabo San Lucas spring break packages often tempt students to spend their meager funds on an unforgettable vacation.

Cabo spring break deals can be found widely, especially if you book ahead. Part of the allure of these packages is the all-inclusive, one-price nature of the deal. Many packages include flights, transportation, accommodation, and meals. If you’re willing to pay for a bit of an upgrade, Cabo San Lucas spring break packages may also include water-based activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling, and even alcohol. For students who need to stick to a planned budget, these packages are very popular. Similar Cabo spring break deals can be found on cruises. Shorter cruises of three to four days have gained a reputation as fun party trips, and docking in Cabo still provides students with the opportunity to see some of the area’s attractions as well.

Cabo spring break has developed over the years and now includes events such as live music performances, beach parties, and booze cruises. The Mexican destination has also been featured in a number of popular films and TV shows that have increased its desirability. Today, students from across the US come to Cabo to swim in the same sea and go to the same bars as some of their favorite celebrities. The adventure of Cabo also lures spring breakers: opportunities for ATV tours, scuba diving, and surfing are all widely available and affordable.

The single largest attraction for Cabo spring break is the nightlife. Unlike other tropical destinations, Cabo is home to large bars and clubs that stay open until dawn. Beachside bars and clubs only increase the atmosphere, and during spring break are overrun with people. Unlike in the US, the drinking age in Mexico is 18, which many college students find attractive. The best Cabo spring break deals are booked in advance, so be sure to start your research even before the New Year if possible. Cruises can often be booked closer to the departure date, in case you decide to go at the last minute.

Cabo San Lucas spring break packages can be found fairly easily, but if you want to have airfare included in your package, a travel agent may be able to speed up your search. If you plan on traveling with a group, try to take advantage of discounts you may earn by booking your group all at once. Many of these packages require a minimum deposit, making them even more attractive to students. The few weeks each March and April when spring break takes place, families and honeymooners seeking a peaceful vacation will most likely want to avoid Cabo. Nightlife can be found year-round in this Mexican hotspot, but spring break has a life of its own.

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