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Cabo San Lucas today lures travelers of all types, including those looking for adventure, romance, and relaxation, and Los Cabos surfing has been one of the most attractive activities for both locals and visitors. For many of the same reasons scuba divers are interested in Cabo, such as consistent year-round weather and warm waters, surfers have been drawn here as well. Close proximity to Southern California even makes it possible to take short weekend trips to surf in Baja. With consistent waves of about three to six feet, Cabo San Lucas surfing is appropriate for all levels of expertise.

Some say that the best surfing in Cabo San Lucas is still only known by locals. While this may be true, there are plenty of spots with excellent surfing conditions to keep visitors busy. You may want to bring your own board, especially if you are driving to Cabo, but if you are arriving from the airport and don’t want to pack your board on the flight, there are many surf shops where you can rent one. Some of the most popular Los Cabos surfing spots include Roca Loca (for advanced to expert surfers), Cerritos (an hour from Cabo, but great for beginners through experts), and Acapulquito (the most popular beach for surfing in Cabo, which can be crowded on weekends).

Cabo San Lucas surfing can also offer a challenge. For the surfing expert, there’s Zippers, known as one of the best surfing locations in all of Cabo. Visitors are warned that it is an experts-only spot, where waves break over a rocky reef. If you don’t want to surf in Baja but are interested in see the action, this is the place to do so. Crowds regularly gather on the beach to watch the expert surfers. Wave conditions are consistent throughout the year and get slightly larger at the end of the summer when the chubasco (storms of thunder and lightning during the rainy season) begins, bringing weather that encourages wave development. For many locals, Los Cabos surfing is at its best during this time of the year.

If seeing the local experts on their boards is a bit of inspiration to you, sign up for some lessons and learn to surf in Baja. Surf schools are widely available in Cabo, both as part of hotels and resorts and as independent companies. Instructors will know what beaches to start you on, where waves are small but consistent, and where the bottom of the ocean floor is sandy and forgiving. Cabo is a great place to learn about water sports in general, including scuba diving, kayaking, and fishing, so if you’re looking for an adventurous vacation, Cabo can deliver just that.

Cabo San Lucas surfing tours are also an option. There are a few tour companies who operate in the area, bringing visitors to a variety of surf spots for the best Cabo has to offer. Some of these companies are also known for their eco-friendly practices, with a goal to preserve the beauty of Baja for future generations. If you want to see untouched landscapes and a more natural side to Cabo, these surf tours might be a great way to achieve that. Warm breezes, consistent surf, and a slower pace of life are all waiting for you in Cabo.

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