Cabo San Lucas Tours

Cabo San Lucas is known for its water adventures, nightlife, and pristine beaches. Some travelers arrive by cruise ship, while others choose to take advantage of the many flights to Cabo each day, but however you find yourself on this beautiful Mexican coast, there is a tour that can reveal a further depth to Cabo. Whether you’re interested in discovering the wildlife or rugged terrains of the area, Cabo San Lucas tours can provide an itinerary and a knowledgeable guide to offer insight along the way.

Los Cabos tours take many forms, from the glass-bottom boat, to kayaking and snorkeling, to helicopter tours. Unlike other beach destinations, Cabo is known just as well for its adventure as it is for its relaxation. While it is possible to come to Cabo and simply enjoy the beaches and consistent sunshine, it also might be hard to resist some of the adventure tours on offer. One of the benefits of an all-inclusive vacation package is that travelers can budget in advance for the adventure activities that will often form the most memorable aspects of their trip.

The best tours in Cabo San Lucas usually take place on the water. The choices are endless, and if at all possible, visitors should sign up for as many as they can. Each of these Cabo San Lucas tours has its own attractions, from a romantic private sail to a rowdy sunset booze cruise. There is a boat tour for every level of participation as well. If you’d like to sit back and enjoy the scenery, sign up for a glass-bottom boat tour or a catamaran sail. If you’re traveling during the summer and think you’d like to cool off with a swim, sign up for a snorkeling or scuba tour; these Los Cabos tours reveal the more than 800 species of fish that live in the Sea of Cortez.

Another of the best tours in Cabo San Lucas is definitely the helicopter tour. Although it is one of the most expensive tours available, the bird’s eye view gained during your flight is truly invaluable. This option is open to couples, families, or groups and is available most days of the year, thanks to Cabo’s consistent weather. Another popular choice is eco tours, exposing visitors to the flora and fauna of the area. From bird watching to whale watching, the rich animal population will be a highlight of any trip to Cabo. Individualized Cabo San Lucas tours can also be arranged according to your local interests.

A main attraction in Cabo is the championship golf courses. Los Cabos tours can also include golf, with the opportunity to play at some of the area’s best courses. You can bring your own clubs if you like, but they are also available for rental. For surfing enthusiasts, a surfing tour will bring local knowledge to your trip to Cabo. Surf the best spots with locals, and escape the crowds by traveling to more remote beaches. Overall, the best tours in Cabo San Lucas often bring you away from the bustle. From ATV tours out in the desert to finding an empty beach for a surf, tours can help you get to the heart of Cabo.

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