Los Cabos Vacation Packages

Los Cabos vacation packages are one of the most appealing aspects of a trip to this popular Mexican destination. With deals for every budget, whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon or a rowdy spring break vacation, there will be a package for you. Cabo San Lucas benefits from its easy accessibility to the United States, Canada, and even Europe. The international airport makes arrival very easy, and some Cabo San Lucas vacation deals even include airfare. Cruises are often available as part of a package deal as well. All-inclusive packages are offered year-round, though most available in the summer (May through September) that lump together travel, accommodation, food, and some activities for one price.

A vacation package to Cabo San Lucas can be as elaborate as you’d like. For couples on a honeymoon, luxurious packages are available that can include spa treatments, romantic boat tours, or even a day of golf. Basic packages typically include accommodation and food, with alcoholic beverages paid separately, though you can sometimes invest in an upgrade to this type of package, as deals including beverages are also available. As a popular honeymoon destination, Cabo has a variety of packages to suit every couple. From helicopter tours to fine dining, the offerings of Los Cabos vacation packages makes it a very attractive choice for newlyweds.

Los Cabos vacation packages are often adventurous, and scuba enthusiasts in particular might be surprised by just how affordable diving packages can be. If you’re serious about scuba diving in Cabo, there are also live-aboard options available. These tours specialize in bringing guests to a variety of the best scuba spots and offer multiple dives per day. A great value for the money, but also a serious commitment, these packages reveal some of the best sights the Sea of Cortez has to offer. These Cabo San Lucas vacation deals are most easily found during the hottest part of the year, from May through September, but luckily this is also when visibility is at its best for divers.

When looking for a vacation package to Cabo San Lucas, you don’t have to choose just one activity. If you’d like to try a variety of the adventure activities Cabo has to offer, choose a package with various activities options. You could be snorkeling one day, and kayaking the next with this type of package. One thing that Cabo San Lucas vacation packages don’t include is shopping. With great local art, jewelry, hand-blown glass, and pottery on offer, visitors may want to budget for some shopping as well. Providing a day out of the sun, Cabo offers a great combination of outdoor markets and indoor malls for every type of shopper.

Cabo San Lucas vacation deals can be found relatively easily on your own, but a travel agent is often helpful. If you are hoping to include airfare in your package, a travel agent may help to narrow your search more quickly. Another popular option for traveling to Cabo is by cruise. There are many choices for cruises, from basic party cruises to luxurious, smaller boats. This type of vacation package to Cabo San Lucas is often the most affordable option. Even if you think you aren’t in the position to afford a vacation, take a look at the packages to Cabo—you might be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities.

Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rentals

Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rentals

Many Los Cabos vacation rentals are detached homes with their own pools and are often located either on the beach or with a sea view. The added benefit of a detached home is accommodation for more people; a beach rental in Cabo often has two to five bedrooms, capable of sleeping groups of up to ten or twelve people. For family reunions or group holidays, taking over a Cabo San Lucas house rental is more convenient than booking a block of rooms in a hotel. A self-catering option also promises living space, a kitchen, and outdoor living space. For people traveling with children, this extra room comes in handy.

Most Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals are available through travel agents and organizations, among other places, allowing you to compare size, locations, and amenities. Web sites are full of photographs and detailed descriptions to help you select among the many available Cabo San Lucas condos. Packages are often advertised up front, alerting potential visitors to what will earn them a discount. Sometimes it is a stay longer than a weekend, or longer than a week. Some vacation rentals fall in price if you pay a 50 percent deposit up front, or you may see significant savings if you pay in full up front. However, be cautious and don’t make a booking if you have any qualms about the owner of the condo.

Another benefit of Los Cabos vacation rentals is peace and quiet. Almost all of the detached houses boast their own pool, and many of these pools are sizable. Instead of sharing a crowded hotel pool with many other guests, relaxation will be aided by your own private pool. In addition, you can save money beyond the price of the accommodation with Cabo San Lucas condos by preparing some of your own food. Local markets and grocery stores offer a glimpse into local Mexican life, and you can prepare food yourself for additional savings during a trip to Cabo.

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