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If you’re looking to combine first-class lodging with added privacy, all the beauty, landscaping, and amenities of a luxury hotel are available at your own Cabo San Lucas villa rental. Mexican architecture, colors, and decoration will welcome you to Cabo San Lucas as you open the front door, and the benefits of self-catering accommodation are plentiful, from extra living space, to kitchen facilities, to feeling like you are living in a place rather than just visiting. The recent development of the area means that Cabo San Lucas villas generally are modern, well-kept, and offer a range of amenities to lure travelers away from resorts and into the privacy of their own Cabo villa.

Cabo Villas Beach Resort
Cabo Villas Beach Resort

Villas in Los Cabos can be rented at the best price during the summer months, from May through September. This is the hottest time of the year, when more visitors are kept away by the soaring temperatures. If the heat doesn’t bother you, or if you’re looking forward to spending a lot of your time in the water, you can book the Cabo villa of your dreams for a fantastic price. Enquire about paying a deposit or even the full price of your rental ahead of time, as this often brings down the price even further. An added benefit of traveling during this time period is that it is the best time for scuba in Cabo, when visibility in the water can reach up to 100 feet.


A Cabo San Lucas villa rental can be an especially romantic option for honeymoons. While many vacation packages are designed with newlyweds in mind, renting your own private Cabo villa on the beach can provide even further romance. Planning your own trip also removes the restraints of a vacation package, where extra activities and dining options might consistently raise the price. Cabo San Lucas villas are available on the beach or in the more secluded mountain areas. You and your spouse don’t have to see another soul on your honeymoon if you so choose.

Baja villas are a great choice for adventurous travelers. If you’re looking for basic accommodation to return to after a day of surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving, these options are available as well. Filling the spectrum from simple to luxurious, there are villas in Los Cabos for every taste and budget. During spring break, many students are drawn by vacation packages and cruise options to Cabo, and an alternative choice would be to pitch in and research renting Cabo San Lucas villas. With a private pool, kitchen, and living space, it could be the perfect combination for relaxing with friends during the day and taking advantage of nightlife after dark.

Villas in Los Cabos are generally independently owned. This means there is opportunity for great last-minute discounts, as owners would rather have guests into their villa than see it sit empty. If you come across an affordable last-minute flight to Cabo but find that hotels are expensive, don’t be discouraged. Look into renting your own villa and you could still make your last-minute vacation wishes come true. Securing an affordable rental could leave you extra cash to spend on a sunset cruise, helicopter tour, or round of golf on one of Cabo’s championship courses.

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