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The azure hues of the Sea of Cortez, warm breezes, and white sand all contribute to the beauty of a Cabo San Lucas wedding. While this Mexican resort town has long been the site of honeymoons, it is also growing in popularity for destination weddings. For many of the same reasons it is popular as a vacation spot, such as easy accessibility to the US and consistent weather, Cabo weddings are growing in numbers. Knowing that your friends and family can easily make the trip, that there is a variety of accommodation for them to choose from, and that your wedding day will be full of sunshine is sure to remove some of the stress from planning a wedding.

Another benefit of a Los Cabos beach wedding is the availability of English-speaking and American wedding consultants and planners. Many of these professionals have been residing in Cabo for decades and have built relationships with florists, photographers, and caterers to ensure that your special day runs smoothly. Trying to make these plans from abroad can be a nightmare, but with someone on location to keep on top of the details, you can relax knowing that the wedding is in good hands. You can choose to individually tailor your ceremony and reception, or choose from Cabo San Lucas wedding packages. A basic wedding package with individual upgrades can make your wedding personal.

Cabo weddings are guaranteed to have the spirit of a vacation. Your guests will be relaxed, the sun will shine, and after the wedding is complete, everyone can enjoy the many activities of Cabo. From boat tours to scuba diving, helicopter tours to spa treatments, your guests won’t be short of things to do to keep them occupied for a few days in Cabo. A Cabo San Lucas wedding also has the additional benefit of being a great place for a honeymoon, so after your special day, you can retire to a private villa or luxurious resort to relax.

A Los Cabos beach wedding can be of many faiths. When researching your wedding consultant, see what types of ceremonies they have experience with. Most planners should have a minimum experience of Christian, traditional Mexican, and nondenominational weddings. While Cabo weddings can be a dream come true, they also come with a bit of red tape. This bureaucracy is another reason it is important to hire a wedding consultant, as they can help you jump through the correct hoops and present the right documentation to ensure that your wedding isn’t delayed. When you aren’t familiar with the customs of a location, it is easy to let these things slide, but a wedding consultant will ensure that everything is in order.

A Cabo San Lucas wedding can be held barefoot on the beach or in a traditional Mexican church. Many couples also choose to be wed on the grounds of a luxurious resort that specializes in these types of events. A popular choice for a Los Cabos beach wedding is for the ceremony to take place at sunset. Besides the weather being cooler for your guests, the stunning colors on the horizon will make a fantastic backdrop to exchanging your vows.

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