When to go to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Travel
Cabo San Lucas Travel

If you are planning when to go to Cabo San Lucas, the peak season begins in November and runs through to May, corresponding with the colder months in the continental United States. Temperatures in Los Cabos are higher during the summer months but still lower than those you’ll find in mainland areas, so tourists who travel to Los Cabos during the off-season are likely to find significant discounts for hotels and tours. During the summer months there are higher risks of hurricanes and tropical storms, so if visiting during those times, be sure to check the weather before heading out, especially to remote locations.

When to go to Cabo San Lucas
When to go to Cabo San Lucas

In mid-October the sport fishing season begins, compounding the busy activity during the high season. A large tournament for billfish fishing occurs at the end of October, and other fishing tournaments are held throughout the winter. The winter months from December to June are also the prime time for catching the prized marlin, though these fish can also be found throughout the summer. If you wish to avoid the crowds, take advantage of deep discounts, and do not want to participate in the fishing tournaments, many fish such as the colorful Dorado can also be caught in the summer months, which may affect your choice of when to go to Cabo San Lucas.

If you are planning to go whale-watching, the best time to travel to Los Cabos is from mid-December to March, when the California gray whales stay in the warm nursery lagoons, as they’re called, of Baja after migrating more than 8,000 miles from the cold waters of Alaska. Those who plan their Cabo San Lucas travel during this time have opportunities to take a tour to several lagoons where mother whales can be seen with their babies and where tourists may see whales breeching as well.

The winter months are also home to numerous festivals and events that make Cabo San Lucas travel popular during this time. The Baja 1000, a desert racing event, takes place in November, with vehicles racing down the length of the Baja Peninsula over rugged desert terrain, ending in Cabo San Lucas. In November the annual Cabo San Lucas Arts Festival takes place in the main plaza, with music, dance, poetry, and theater performances. The December culinary festival also draws a large crowd, with various gourmet culinary events being hosted at different restaurants. Attendees who time their Cabo San Lucas travel to coincide with the culinary festival can regale themselves with traditional and contemporary gourmet delights accompanied by Baja wines.

If you are planning when to go to Cabo San Lucas and are considering travel in the spring, you may want to consider the fact that during Spring Break, Los Cabos is one big wild party. The bars in Cabo San Lucas, as well as the eighteen-mile corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, are filled with young adults blowing off steam from their school year, with the accompanying raucous parties. If you are planning to join the partygoers, March Break will be the prime time to join the fun. However, keep in mind that accommodation prices will not be low, and many hotels and resorts may be fully booked and beaches crowded.

Deciding when to travel to Los Cabos depends on your preferences and a range of factors. If you wish to participate in the many events and festivals, visiting during the main tourist season may be for you. On the other hand, Cabo San Lucas is beautiful all throughout the year, and great deals as well as quieter beaches can be found during the off-season, creating plenty of opportunities for travelers to plan their own perfect vacation.

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