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Cancun Airport transportation comes in a variety of forms, so travelers have plenty of options to weigh. That being said, there are some general restrictions when it comes to Cancun Airport transfers. For starters, no regular taxis are allowed to pick people up from the airport. Only authorized transportation companies can offer such service. Also, while there are some hotels that provide Cancun Airport transfers, there are many that don’t. Shared hotel shuttles do head to the Hotel Zone and the downtown area, however, so that is something to consider.

Taking a shuttle from the Cancun Airport to your intended destination is among the cheapest ways to go, especially if you take a shared shuttle instead of a private one. Should you be staying in a hotel that is one of the last stops on the shared shuttles, however, the trip will take longer, and this might be an annoyance. Once again, some Cancun hotels have free shuttle service, though this is not something that can be relied upon for guests of every hotel in the area. Also, there aren’t any general shuttles that provide return service to the airport from the Hotel Zone or downtown Cancun, in which case those without a car will have to arrange for private shuttle service or rely on other transportation options.

Taking a bus is the Cancun Airport transportation option of choice for travelers who wish to keep their costs at an absolute minimum. Public buses depart from the airport at scheduled times, and they either head to downtown Cancun or downtown Playa del Carmen. Those buses that are destined for downtown Cancun operate between the hours of 8:10 am and 8 pm and basically leave on an hourly basis. The buses that head to downtown Playa del Carmen operate between the hours of 10:50 am and 7 pm and have a slightly less regular schedule. The travel time to Cancun is approximately 35 minutes, while the travel time to Playa del Carmen is closer to an hour. Bus tickets for trips from the airport only can be purchased before travelers embark on their Cancun vacations, and this can take the stress out of trying to arrange things upon arrival.

In general, vans are used by the various Cancun Airport shuttle companies. There are some companies that also offer larger buses or more luxury-oriented vehicles, such as a Lincoln Navigator SUV or a limousine. Often times, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary or can be purchased during a shuttle ride. You might even be able to purchase roses, chocolates, and other things. The shuttle options are quite extensive, so it can be a good idea to weigh as many options as possible when trying to find the best fit. As a side note, some area transportation companies offer private shuttle service to any number of regional destinations, such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum, so travelers who aren’t bound for Cancun can rely on them. As is true in general when it comes to Cancun Airport transportation, anyone who is trying to get to the islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres must complete their trip by flying or taking a boat.

Most major car rental companies have a presence at the Cancun Airport. As such, those who are in need of Cancun Airport transportation can always go the rental car route. It’s little more than a six mile drive to the Hotel Zone from the airport, and the roads are well-paved. The best way to go about things is to arrange a rental car before you arrive at the airport. More often than not, this will result in considerable savings, which can only free up funds for other things, such as dining, nightlife, scuba diving, and shopping.

Booking Cancun Airport transfers in advance is always recommended when possible. Another thing to remember is the fact that no person is allowed to approach travelers at the airport with the intent of soliciting a fare or offering airport transportation in general. This is illegal. Even if somebody does approach you with a fare that seems too good to pass up, it is best not to respond. You might even report it to the nearest official. It simply isn’t safe to make Cancun Airport transfers in any unauthorized or non-professional vehicles.

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