Azul Beach Hotel, Cancun

Azul Beach Hotel

Carretera Federal Cancun Tulum Km 27.5

Azul Beach Hotel by Karisma is the first all-inclusive boutique resort. Nothing pretentious, just an intimate hotel, a great beach, some cool services, stylish decor, creative drinks and innovative cuisine. Why Azul? Well, Azul means blue. Blue as in sky. Blue as in ocean. Blue as in Agave. Blue as in True. And True Blue to us is a covenant for service, style and originality. You may say that we were bored with average and eager for a little style so we let our imagination run free and created a place for anyone looking for something more than just a typical vacation. So, what makes Azul so special? First, this is no mega-sized resort. With just 96 rooms, it offers an intimate atmosphere and affords proximity so that each room is under a minute from the beach, the pool, the restaurants, the bars, and basically any other facility on the premises. Second, this is a truly beachfront beach hotel and the beach is just fantastic (see for yourself in the image gallery). Third, we designed a unique food selection that includes a restaurant with five different menus, for example, the all lobster menu and the low carb menu. Then, we have 24-hour room service, which is part of the all-inclusive program. And, the beverages we serve are quite special, as well (make sure to try the Tequila martini). Fourth, unlike our other properties, which cater exclusively to adult guests, Azul welcomes families. And, fifth, we've added some cool services to create a truly unique vacation experience. Which, you wonder? Well, for parents, we have baby and children essentials such as strollers, cribs, baby milk heaters, beach games, coloring books, refrigerators for milk and medicines.For all you beach buffs, we have the Beach Butlers, affording the ultimate in service and sun bathing convenience, including a soft towel service, refreshment deliveries, tanning products and water vaporizers. Like it so far? Good. Because there's more, so read on.You'll find Azul Beach Hotel on the beautiful Bahia Petempitch in Puerto Morelos, just 15 Minutes south of Cancun Airport and 20 minutes north of Playa del Carmen.