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Cancun is known for its diversity of fish species that make their home among the shallow coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea. In addition to natural coral reefs, Cancun is also notorious for its sunken ships that are explored by experienced people scuba diving in Cancun. With all of the fascinating places to go diving in Cancun, it is no wonder that Cancun is considered one of the best places in the world to learn how to scuba dive.

There are many hotels and marinas, mainly concentrated on Cancun's main throuroughfare Boulevard Kukulkan, which offer Cancun diving lessons. It takes three days of classes to become fully certified for diving in Cancun Mexico, otherwise hotels offer hour-long courses that will only allow you to go diving in extremely shallow areas. Lessons will include learning how to use the scuba diving equipment, proper safety procedures, and how to breathe properly while underwater. If you are investing in a scuba diving certification course, make sure to look for a company that will give you personalized attention and answer any questions you have about diving in Cancun Mexico. The smaller marinas and dive shops usually offer more personalized attention and better prices.

If you don"t have scuba diving equipment, there is no need to worry. The marinas will provide you with everything you need for diving in Cancun. Besides, carrying scuba gear can be inconvenient as you travel Mexico. If you did bring your own Cancun diving equipment, many of the marinas will offer you a discount on the certification course if you bring your own equipment. Most operators that offer lessons for scuba diving in Cancun require divers to be at least twelve years of age. The marinas also offer Cancun fishing trips and can loan you boogey boards and snorkeling gear.

Playa Tortugas, Punta Nizuc, and Punta Cancun are good places for to go snorkeling and diving in Cancun. The areas are full of coral reefs and the water is extremely clear. Although the water is usually calm for scuba diving in Cancun, the currents can be particularly strong at Playa Tortugas. If you have just passed your certification course and are looking to venture into the waters for the first time, make sure to bring diving companions with you and be mindful of the safety procedures that you learned in training.

Although Cancun diving is popular, Cozumel is even more well-known among diving enthusiasts. Cozumel diving offers even more reefs and fish to explore. Your best bet is to earn your certification and spend time scoping out the best diving spots throughout Mexico.

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Cancun Beaches

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