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Although Cancun is known for its sprawling hotel district and its spring break parties, thirty-some years ago it was a quaint fishing village of just over 100 people. Even though Cancun has grown considerably throughout history, Cancun deep sea fishing is still a way of life for residents of Cancun and a popular pastime for tourists. The Nichupte Lagoon offers calm waters for a day of fishing in Cancun and the nearby Isla Mujeres is notorious for its large fish, such as the barracuda, tuna, kingfish, blue marlin, and grouper.

There are many marinas in Cancun that offer Cancun fishing charters. Most companies will include everything you need for a great day out on the water, including fishing equipment, bait, tackle, soft drinks or beer, and even a fishing license. It's up to you to decide how many people you want in your boat. Some tourists want a quiet day of fishing with their families, while other Cancun fishing trips include ten or more people. Cancun fishing charters are usually priced at an hourly or daily rate, although it is possible to find vacation packages that include a day of fishing in Cancun.

If you're an avid fisher, you are probably wondering where the best fishing spots are as well as the ideal time to take Cancun fishing charters. It is best to seek out areas that are abundant with coral reefs. Fish such as grouper, tuna, and barracuda love to hang out around reefs any time of year. If your Cancun vacation plans fall in the spring, you will have a good chance of catching sailfish, marlin, and deep-sea billfish. Although Cancun fishing boats can be rented by individuals, amateur fishers should consider going on an organized charter for safety reasons - weather can change quickly. Cancun fishing charters are staffed by a captain and a first mate who are aware of weather conditions and know where the best spots are for Cancun deep sea fishing.

Several all inclusive Cancun resorts offer fishing in Cancun. These Cancun fishing trips concentrate on the areas near the hotel zone and the Nichupte Lagoon. While most activities are included in the nightly price of the resort, your resort might charge an extra fee for Cancun deep sea fishing charters. Check with your Cancun hotel to see if Cancun deep sea fishing is included in the price. No matter what time of year you decide to go fishing, it's more than likely that you'll catch a big fish or two.

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Cancun Beaches

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