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Cancun Vacations
Cancun Vacations

Over three million travelers make their way to Cancun each year. Cancun is one of the most trafficked tourist cities in all of Mexico, offering a little something for everyone. Student travelers, families, and couples will all find Cancun hotels to be clean and mostly modern. With the high influx of people coming to Cancun year round, it is usually wise to book Cancun hotels and Cancun resorts in advance. Although there is quite an expanse of Cancun hotels lining the beachfront, below is a list of some of the more popular Cancun resorts and accommodation choices.

All Inclusive Resorts Cancun

A simple way to plan Cancun vacations is by booking one of the all-inclusive resorts Cancun has to offer. All-inclusive resorts Cancun provide meals with the cost of the hotel fees. This is a great option for families with children who want to avoid schlepping through the city looking for lunch and dinner during their vacation. All-inclusive packages will usually also include discounts off of popular activities such as scuba diving, fishing, and other outdoor favorites. Cancun resorts are perfect for travelers who want the convenience of modern accommodation at their fingertips while having the option to explore the city of Cancun.

Cancun Hotels

While most Cancun resorts are located on the beachfront, there are also a number of Cancun hotels to be found in downtown Cancun, as the Cancun hotel map shows. Downtown Cancun hotels are usually less expensive then Cancun resorts and have fewer amenities included in the price of the hotel. Cancun hotels are an excellent choice for travelers wishing to be close to the city, or who plan to explore the surrounding area using their own agenda. Plenty of Cancun hotels have concierge service or local owners who can help guests book tours and trips for their Cancun vacations.

Private Cancun Accommodations

In addition to Cancun hotels and Cancun resorts, there are a small number of private suites and cabanas to be found in Cancun. Though they tend to be few and far between, travelers can find a few homey Bed and Breakfasts along the way in Cancun. Due to the recent popularity of Cancun, there are also a number of rentable private time-share homes available for Cancun vacations. These can often be a great way to find a private residence with modern conveniences right on the beach or near a golf course. Depending on your plans, you may want to book private accommodation through a travel agent or online.

Although Cancun vacations can vary greatly in length, choosing the right hotel for your travel needs can be an important part of planning memorable Cancun vacations. Mexico"s busiest season is between December and April and rates are usually highest during these months, so be sure to check out the map of Cancun hotels, for some of the best locations for your time in Cancun.

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