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Cancun is known as a party town. One of the main reasons so many people travel Mexico is because of the nightlife in Cancun. Cancun night clubs are especially active in March and April when college students spend their spring break in Cancun. The nightlife in Cancun includes everything from relaxing bars overlooking the Caribbean sea to Cancun dance clubs that are open until the sun rises. If you"ve been lounging on the beach all day and you"re ready to dance the night away, Cancun is definitely the place to be.

Several of the large Cancun hotels have live music, karaoke, and nightclubs blasting loud techno music. These bars in Cancun often have happy hour drink specials and occasional live entertainment, such as bikini contests and male dancers. Some of the bars have ladies nights where women drink for free. Even if you"re not staying at a hotel, it"s worth checking out its Cancun club or bar to see what type of entertainment it offers.

One of the main draws of the Yucatan Peninsula is the Cancun club scene. If you can't decide which Cancun night clubs to hang out at, you can take a bar hopper tour that will bring you to to four of the hottest bars in Cancun. Most bar hopper tours spend an hour at each club before moving on to the next. The price for most tours includes transportation in an air-conditioned bus, cover charges, and drink specials at various bars. Your group will also be able to jump to the front of line, which will save you a considerable amount of time since some Cancun dance clubs have a wait time of 45 minutes or more. Taking a bar hopper tour is a great way to sample the nightlife scene in Cancun. If there's one club that stands out above the rest, you can always go back the next night.

The La Isla Shopping Village is a main center of action for nightlife, especially for spring break. The open air shopping and entertainment complex contains several bars and Cancun night clubs with indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have some time to kill before hitting the clubs and bars in Cancun, La Isla also has a large movie theatre as well as upscale boutiques and restaurants.

If your idea of great Cancun nightlife is more family oriented or you'd rather not spend time at a Cancun club or Cancun dance clubs, several Cancun resorts and hotels on Boulevard Kukulkan, the main throuroughfare of Cancun, hosts Mexican fiesta nights that offer dinner and a folk dance show. The main park in downtown Cancun, Parque de las Palapas, offers live tropical music performances every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. and occasional preformances on Fridays and Saturdays. With all of the options for nightlife in Cancun, you"ll want to stay for several weeks just to absorb the scene.

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