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First time visitors to Cancun often like to get a feel for the area by taking tours in Cancun or by simply hopping on a city bus and exploring for themselves. Many of the Cancun resorts in the hotel zone offer tours of the area as well as Cancun snorkeling tours for free or for a minimal price. Once you check into your hotel, inquire at the front desk about tours in Cancun Mexico. Even if your hotel doesn't offer formal organized tours of the area, it may have a special bus that brings guests to popular Cancun attractions such as the Xcaret Eco Theme Park or local shopping malls.

Tours in Cancun can focus on a number of things. The crystal clear ocean is usually warm and perfect for swimming, diving, or taking Cancun snorkeling tours. Cancun snorkeling tours are offered by several hotels and marinas along Boulevard Kukulkan in the hotel zone. The tours in Cancun Mexico are conducted by locals who know where the most spectacular reefs are for snorkeling and are very knowledgable about the proper snorkeling techniques as well as safety issues, such as how far out in the ocean you can safely snorkel. Anyone can go snorkeling in Cancun. The sport doesn't require anything other than a snorkel, a pair of flippers, and a mask. A keen eye also helps.

Many people want shopping to be the focus of their Cancun tours. Kukulcan Plaza offers hundreds of shops selling designer labels as well as a jewelry store specializing in silver. The Cancun shopping center also contains several restaurants and a food court with several US-based franchised restaurants. Another popular shopping spot is the La Isla Shopping Village, an open-air mall that resembles a village in Mexico. The well-landscaped mall consists of brandname shops, as well as several restaurants. There is also an aquarium and dolphin facility, making the mall a fun family destination for tours in Cancun Mexico.

Since Cancun is so easy to navigate, you can easily go on self-guided Cancun tours. The best way to get around Cancun is by bus. Busses are inexpensive and make frequent stops up and down Boulevard Kukulcan, the main thoroughfare of Cancun. Even if you aren't at a designated bus stop, most bus drivers will stop if you flag them down. Don't expect the bus ride to be too comfortable. Buses don't have seat cushions or air conditioning, but you'll most likely be entertained by locals with instruments. If you're not sure what stop you need to get off at, tell the driver what your destination is or point to a place on a map. Most drivers understand a bit of English. Just in case, you might want to learn some basic Spanish phrases before your trip.

Evening boat cruises are a fantastic way to feast upon some lobster or steak while learning more about Cancun and its history. Boat tours in Cancun usually depart from the Nichupte Lagoon and take a couple of hours. Whether you decide to take Cancun tours or stick to your own agenda, Cancun is a city that is welcoming to tourists and is easy to explore by bus or on foot.

Cancun Beaches

Cancun Beaches

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