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Cancun vacation rentals offer a different experience than you would find in a hotel or resort in Mexico. The most noticeable change is the added square footage you get with vacation rentals in Cancun. Most Cancun hotels and resorts can comfortably fit three or four people, which presents a problem for anyone traveling in larger numbers. If you're planning a vacation with a large group of people and are concerned about comfort and affordability, you may want to start looking into vacation rentals in Cancun. Rentals in Cancun are an excellent option for large families that want a lot of space and privacy, or for groups of friends that desire something different from the typical hotel experience.

Cancun vacation rentals come in many different shapes and sizes. Typical rentals in Cancun are equipped with a full kitchen, dining and living rooms, along with two or three bedrooms and bathrooms. The nice part about choosing vacation rentals in Cancun is the fact that you can do some of your own cooking if you choose to do so. Most rentals in Cancun come with all of the kitchen utensils you will need to cook up your own feast. If you need to go shopping for food and other supplies, both the hotel zone and downtown Cancun have dozens of outdoor marketplaces selling fresh produce, as well as modern grocery stores. If you'd rather go out to eat, Cancun has a variety of delicious restaurants that serve cuisine from Mexico and all over the world.

The largest concentration of Cancun rentals can be found on the beachside Boulevard Kukulkan, in the main hotel district of Cancun. Although the area is known for its luxury hotels and resorts, it is also full of condominiums, apartments, and private homes. Rentals in Cancun are usually located within a few miles of a marina where you can book a deep sea fishing charter, rent a jet ski for the day, or take diving lessons. Cancun snorkeling tours and whale watching expeditions are other popular activities for those staying in the hotel zone.

The best deals on vacation rentals in Cancun can be found in the summer, when fewer people are taking vacations to Mexico because of the heat. Although temperatures can soar to the high 90s, the majority of rentals in Cancun are air conditioned. If you can stand the heat, some fantastic deals on Cancun rentals can be found.

Once you find some Cancun vacation rentals you're interested in, make sure to ask the person renting out the unit what exactly is included in the price of the rental and any other details you might be interested in, such as whether or not the unit is air conditioned. When your group arrives at the vacation rental, inspect the unit to make sure that everything is in working order. Although some rentals are run by large companies that do regular inspections, others are privately owned and are largely unregulated. Once you’ve researched your options for Cancun rentals, it's time to start exploring all that the city has to offer.

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