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Villas in Cancun are an excellent option for travelers that need more space than typical hotel rooms in Mexico provide. Popular in Mexico as well as Caribbean countries such as the Virgin Islands, Grenada, and Guadeloupe, villas may consist of private locally owned apartments or a collection of thatched roof dwellings owned by a local hotel. Cancun villa rentals and houses allow large groups of family or friends to lodge together under one roof, saving money over traditional Cancun hotels and resorts. Villas in Cancun are also ideal for those on a Cancun honeymoon who want some privacy.

Villas in Cancun can be found on the grounds of major hotels and in the downtown district. There are several hotels that offer villas right on the beach. Omni Cancun Hotel and Villas, located on Bouleveard Kukulkan of the hotel zone, offers luxurious three-story villas for rent in Cancun. The villas are located on the beach, right next to the main building of the hotel. Each 2,000-square-foot villa consists of three bedrooms with private bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and living room. In addition to having a private villa, guests will also have access to all of the amenities at the Omni. The Cancun luxury hotel offers several restaurants and bars, a full-service spa offering massages and facial treatments, as well as several pools and hot tubs. Many of the hotels with Cancun villa rentals offer special rates for people on a honeymoon and will throw in extras, such as complimentary room service or a romantic dinner for two at a hotel restaurant.

If you're visiting Mexico for a family reunion or other events, you may want to consider a Cancun house rental. Visitors can find affordable options for rental houses in the main hotel zone of Cancun or downtown where the majority of shopping malls are located. In addition to a Cancun house rental, you might want to consider renting a condominium or looking into a time share. No matter what option you choose, make sure to inspect your Cancun house rental carefully before agreeing to a nightly rate. You"ll want to make sure that the plumbing works and that the house has all of the features that were advertised.

By choosing Cancun villa rentals or private housing, visitors can save a large amount of money on their Cancun vacations. While typical Cancun resorts can cost hundreds of dollars a night per person, villas for rent in Cancun are more affordable because they can house more people. However, this isn't always the case. At some all-inclusive Cancun resorts and luxury hotels, honeymoon villas are more expensive than standard rooms. Whatever option you decide to go with, you can rest assured that villas for rent in Cancun will provide you with access to the beach and fun activities such as snorkeling, diving, and fishing charters.

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