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Cancun, with its world-class resorts and beautiful coastal environment, offers the ideal place to get married. Cancun weddings take place on the boardwalks of Cancun beaches and in the facilities of luxury hotels. With so many people getting married each year, hotels have introduced Cancun wedding packages that make the process of planning a wedding considerably easier. Depending on where you get married in Cancun, wedding packages can include catering, rental of a banquet hall at a luxury hotel, discounts on accommodations the married couple and their guests, and even transportation. Some luxury hotels in Cancun offer the option of a wedding planner to coordinate all the details of Cancun weddings.

For many engaged couples, weather is an important factor in deciding when to get married. Luckily, ideal weather conditions make weddings in Cancun suitable any time of year. The average temperature in Mexico is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, winter is generally the coolest time of the year. Cancun wedding packages can be purchased in the summer if you don't mind temperatures of 90 degrees or more. Although some people don't mind the heat, winter is considered the best time for Cancun weddings. Hotel banquet facilities are almost always air conditioned, so you won't have to worry about your guests getting overheated during the wedding reception.

Before you start planning the details of your wedding and subsequent Cancun honeymoon, there are a few things you will need to make the marriage official. In order to say "I do" in Mexico, the couple must have valid passports, original birth certificates, and Mexican tourist cards. The Mexican tourist cards are available at the airport when you enter the country. The couple must undergo blood tests once they arrive in Mexico to make sure they are free of certain diseases. The blood tests can be obtained at any hospital or clinic and are occasionally offered at the hotel where you're getting married, however they must be done in Mexico. Getting blood samples in your home country doesn't count.

Although you may want to elope to Mexico, keep in mind that four people that are eighteen years of age or older must be present at the wedding to act as witnesses in the ceremony. The witnesses must also have a tourist card and a passport. Although these requirements may seem somewhat extensive, rest assured that thousands of Cancun weddings are conducted each year and getting the documents necessary for weddings in Cancun has become a routine process.

After the wedding is over and your guests fly home or continue on to travel Mexico, why not relax and enjoy a Cancun honeymoon? If you want some to enjoy the Caribbean Sea in private, without the presence of other people taking Cancun vacations, villas may be your best bet for honeymoon lodging. Many hotels offer honeymoon specials that include lodging in private villas on the ocean. The Cancun villas are usually close enough to the main hotel that you'll be able to easily use their facilities, yet far enough away that you won't be bothered. Many hotels that provide Cancun wedding packages offer newlyweds deep discounts on lodging for their honeymoon and offer couples a free night on their one year anniversary. With so many hotels that specialize in coordinating weddings in Cancun, your dream of getting married by the ocean can be easily achieved.

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Cancun Beaches

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