Xcaret Eco Theme Park

If you"re looking for fun things to do on your journey to the coast of Mexico, look no further than the Xcaret Eco Theme Park, an ecological theme park located on 250 acres of coastline. Xcaret Playa del Carmen offers a chance to learn about all of the natural wonders that are found on the Caribbean coast. A day at Xcaret Park Mexico can be spent observing sea life in a large aquarium, counting the number of butterfly species you encounter at the botanical garden, or taking a raft tour through an exotic jungle. Another highlight of Xcaret Eco Theme Park is the Wild Bird Breeding Aviary, which nurtures and hatches abandoned sea turtle and flamingo eggs. After you see everything there is to see at Xcaret Eco Theme Park, take an elevator to the top of a tower that allows you to view the park from 240 feet up in the air.

If you ask a typical visitor of Xcaret Eco Theme Park about their favorite attraction, most will mention the swim with dolphins program. Guests of the park can pet dolphins, swim with them, and learn about habitat and behavior. The dolphins are Xcaret Playa del Carmen are quite friendly and seem to enjoy human interaction.

Xcaret Park Mexico has nine restaurants to choose from with dishes ranging from fresh seafood tacos and fish carpaccio to seafood bisque. You may also bring your bring your own lunch and eat it at one of the many shaded picnic tables. The theme park prides itself on being ecologically friendly and composts as much waste as possible. There are also many delicious restaurants at nearby Xcaret Mexico hotels. Even if you aren"t a guest of one of the Xcaret Mexico hotels, you can still enjoy their buffet dinners or tropical themed bars in the evening.

The admission price of Xcaret Playa del Carmen includes access to the park grounds and informative exhibits. Certain outdoor activities, such as swimming with dolphins and snorkeling, cost extra. There are several Xcaret Mexico hotels located near the theme park. Many Xcaret hotels operate shuttles that take visitors to and from the theme park several times a day. If you"re planning on spending several days at the theme park, a vacation package is a great way to save money on lodging, transportation, and admission to the park.

The park is 45 minutes south of Cancun and just 5 minutes from Playa del Carmen, making it an ideal destination for a day trip with friends and family. If you're staying in Cancun, there is no need to rent a car to get to Xcaret Playa Del Carmen. Simply catch a bus departing from the Xcaret Bus terminal on Boulevard Kukulcan, where the majority of Cancun hotels are located. The park is open all year round, so no matter what time of year you visit, you"ll be able to swim with dolphins, learn how to scuba dive, or learn about the unique creatures that live in the Caribbean Sea.

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