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Cheap all inclusive vacations in Cancun are relatively easy to arrange these days. Part of the reason why is the recent economic downturn that has basically affected the entire world. While the more luxurious all inclusive resorts are struggling a bit to attract guests, the more affordable all inclusive establishments have more or less seen a rise in their guest numbers. Other things to keep in mind when trying to secure cheap all inclusive lodging in Cancun are the low season deals and the enticing vacation packages that are offered by various travel companies throughout the year.

The majority of the cheap Cancun hotels are found in Cancun City. That being said, the majority of these aren’t all inclusive. They also don’t sit on the famous Cancun beaches, and most foreign travelers prefer staying right on the sand. While many of the beachfront all inclusive resorts in the renowned Hotel Zone are of the upscale variety and charge elevated rates, others are more affordable on the whole and can be good alternatives for the budget-conscious. Examples of more affordable beachfront properties include the Sea Adventure Resort & Waterpark, the Hotel Flamingo Cancun, the Oasis Cancun, and the Crown Paradise Club (pictured above). Guests of these relatively cheap all inclusive lodging establishments don’t sacrifice a lot in the way of comfort and amenities.

Travelers who are interested in cheap all inclusive vacations in Cancun might also keep the Imperial Las Perlas and the Hotel Dos Playas in mind, as they offer some of the most affordable all inclusive plans and are rather comfortable and well-equipped. Also worth keeping in mind when trying to plan cheap all inclusive vacations in Cancun are the discounts that many all inclusive resorts offer during the low season, which basically begins after Easter and extends until mid-December. Finally, it can be a good idea to see what travel companies are offering in relation to Cancun all inclusive lodging deals. Even during the peak season, it is relatively easy to find good package deals that can even include a stay at one of the area’s more luxurious all inclusive resorts.

As a side note, the Hotel Zone, or the Cancun Strip, if you will, has different areas to select from. The main party zone is in the center of the strip, for example, and is more ideal for party animals and the younger spring break crowd. The ends of the strip tend to be more ideal for families and those who seek more in the way of solitude. The north side in particular has calmer waters that families with younger kids might prefer in the long run, though the relatively wide beaches in the south can be tempting as well.

Cancun Beaches

Cancun Beaches

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