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Cancun is known for its nonstop party atmosphere and a full calendar of Cancun events, including the Cancun film festival and Cancun spring break events. Events in Cancun draw in crowds from all over Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, throughout Central America, and South America. There are events in Cancun that celebrate Mexico's long history as well as events that are meant to bring people together.

If you"re interested in historical events, visit the Mayan ruins at the pyramid of Chichen Itza, one of the oldest monuments left over from the Mayan civiliation. Every September during the autumn equinox, the sunlight reflects off of the edges of the pyramid and creates a unique shadow that highlights the statue of the Kukulkan, a significant Mayan serpent. The best time to see the shadow is in the afternoons, five days before and five days after September 22.

There are several Cancun events that take place in November. Each November, hundreds of people gather at Langosta Beach to watch the Cancun World Cup Triathaolon, one of the largest annual events in Cancun. Contestents in the triathalon must swim nearly one mile, bike for 25 miles, and run 6.2 miles. The winner will take home as much as 70,000 dollars. The triathalon usually starts around 7 a.m. and lasts all day.

November is also the time when the Cancun Mayan Riviera Gay Fall Fiesta takes place. The annual festival celebrates Mexico"s gay pride with parades, singing and dancing performances, and other events. The three-part fiesta includes a Tequila Party, a Fall Fiesta Grand Party, as well as a Gay Beach Party.

Tha Cancun Film festival is a must-see event. Over a course of five days, the film festival showcases over 50 films from around the world as well as Latin American films. Some of the films are entered in a competition, while others are shown to audiences just to get exposure. The Cancun Film Festival takes place each year in November.

Each March and April, college students flock to Mexico by the hundreds to enjoy Cancun spring break events. In fact, Cancun is known throughout the US as the official headquarters for spring break, and it's no surprise, given the lively and eye-catching pictures of Cancun spring break. Spring break events mainly center around relaxing on the beach or playing a game of beach volleyball during the day, and consuming large amounts of beer and tequila at Cancun dance clubs at night. Spring break can also include a day of snorkeling and shopping in Cancun stores.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit Cancun, you"ll have several options for Cancun events, celebrations, and festivals.

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Cancun Beaches

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