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Shopping in Cancun is a favorite pastime for Mexicans as well as tourists. Cancun shopping centers and outdoor markets are stocked with local souvenirs, unique art, electronics, and major department stores. Shopping in Cancun is one of the most popular things to do for young people, thanks to the numerous candy shops in the Cancun airport and throughout the city. Whether you"re an avid shopper or simply enjoy browsing, Cancun shopping offers something for everyone.

A great way to seek some relief from the hot weather in Cancun is to visit an air-conditioned Cancun market or shopping mall. If you"re looking for a Cancun shopping mall that is popular with local residents, head to the Plaza Cancun Mall. The mall is known for its great deals on cosmetics, perfume, clothing, and shoes. A slightly more upscale option for Cancun shopping is Paseo Cancun. The mall has nearly 60 stores, a movie theatre, an ice skating rink, and a food court. Plaza Caracol, the largest and most modern Cancun shopping mall, is often compared to malls in large cities such as Mexico City. It contains 200 boutiques and shops as well as art galleries, unique jewelry shops, and upscale restaurants. The mall has several American brand boutiques that are priced lower than their American counterparts. Plaza Caracol is located near the convention center and several other stores in Cancun.

American tourists looking for stores in Cancun that remind them of home should shop at Plaza Las Americas. Located downtown, this Cancun shopping mall has typical American stores such as Sears and JC Penney along with an eight-screen movie theater, three restaurants, fast food venues, and a video arcade. Although it isn"t nearly as large as the Mall of America in Minnesota, it certainly has a wide range of options for shopping in Cancun.

If you're looking to buy some local crafts and jewelry, you may want to check out Market 28, also called Mercado Veintiocho. The Cancun market is full of one-of-a-kind artwork, pottery, silver jewelry, and anything else you can imagine. The goods are similar to those found in other stores in Cancun, particularly around the Hotel Zone, but at much lower prices. Bargaining is an acceptable practice at Market 28 and in most other markets and stores in Cancun, so don't hesitate asking the vendors for a lower price. You might find the perfect souvenir to remember your Mexico travel. Right next door to Market 28 is Plaza Bonita Cancun. The mall resembles a Mexican village and features an eclectic mix of cafes, stores selling fine art and handicrafts, as well as travel agencies, a bank, a salon, and a money exchange booth.

Another option for handicrafts is the Market Ki-Huic, located in downtown Cancun. The store sells all kinds of crafts, silver items, ponchos, sombreros, and Mexican blankets. Although the Cancun market is a great place to get a bargain, it is one of the best known places for shopping in Cancun and is always crowded with families on Cancun vacations.

The most well-known area for shopping in Cancun is downtown, but there are also several options for shopping in the Hotel Zone where most Cancun hotels are located. Coral Negro is a popular outdoor market that offers nearly 50 stalls of craft items. The outdoor market is open late seven days a week, making Cancun shopping an option any time of day.

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