Mexico Car Rental

One of the most popular ways to travel in Mexico is by renting a car. Mexico car rental is generally inexpensive, though often times rates are inflated for tourists. Though you may not be paying prices for Mexico car rentals that reflect the value of Mexican money, you certainly won't find that costs exceed what you would pay for a rental car back home. Popular tourist cities such as Cancun car rental will usually offer discounts for booking a rental car through your hotel.

Mexico Car Rental
Mexico Car Rental

Most major cities and tourist hot spots in Mexico will have rental cars available. Quite a few popular American companies have Mexico car rental branches and most of these offices accept online reservations. You may also rent from local rental car companies, as often times this will be the best way to take advantage of lower rates. Be sure to check the specific details of your destination for more information on a local Mexico car rental.

With the largest infrastructure of paved roads and highways of any country in Latin America, car rental in Mexico is an excellent choice. Maintenance on many roads, however, is not very frequent and drivers will find that many highways have potholes or other obstructions, so staying alert when driving is paramount to a safe trip. As with most developing countries, you will also find that just about every major highway in Mexico has toll stops along the way, so be sure to keep some cash on hand.

Rules about driving also tend to be fairly lax. Since obtaining a driver's license in Mexico is a simple experience that does not require any sort of official exam; international drivers may be surprised at some of the driving practices on Mexican roads, and particularly within busy cities. Use of turn signals and other traffic alerts tend to be the exception rather than the rule. While an international driver's license will suffice when renting a car, you can also get a Mexican license from most government buildings, even if you have never held a driver's license in your life. If you do plan to take advantage of a car rental in Mexico once you arrive, you may want to research places to purchase driver's license before you go.

You may also want to consider the type of rental car rental in Mexico that would be best for your travel plans. Offices offer everything from minivans, to sedans, to multi-terrain jeep vehicles. Depending on the sort of terrain you plan to visit with your Mexico car rental, you'll want to choose the best fit. Many roads near the beach are not well kept, and often times a car with four wheel drive is helpful. Cancun car rental even gives customers the choice between an all terrain vehicle or motorcycles that can be a great option for single travelers looking to cut down on gas expenditures. Cancun car rental is usually a great way to take a tour of the city on your own.

No matter what sort of rental cars Mexico has to offer for your travel plans, car rental in Mexico is a convenient way to move throughout a city or between locations.

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