Chihuahua Pacific Railway

As the capital of Chihuahua State, the city of Chihuahua Mexico is one of the most populated metropolises in the area. Chihuahua Mexico is a state full of extremes; from the striking mountains that surround the formidable desert, to the very people who inhabit the area. Over two hundred native tribes have made present day Chihuahua Mexico their home for many centuries, clashing with Spanish conquistadors who came to Chihuahua Mexico to lay claim to its natural resources. Today, the people of Chihuahua reflect the rich and raucous history of Chihuahua Mexico with the Mestizo people comprising most of the population.

Chihuahua Pacific Railway
Chihuahua Pacific Railway

One lasting symbol of the history of Chihuahua Mexico is the Chihuahua Pacific Railway. The Railway connects the capital of Chihuahua with the Pacific coast city of Los Mochis, a sixteen-hour train ride that traverses some of the most compelling and rugged scenery in the Americas. Construction of the railway began in 1898, and wasn"t completed until 1961. With a dizzying 86 tunnels, 37 bridges, and multiple switchbacks that drop from an elevation of 7,000 feet down to sea level in just 120 miles, the railway is an engineering marvel.

For many travelers, one of the most impressive sections of the railway journey is the ride through the Copper Canyon. Tourists can make the Copper Canyon a destination spot on its own; the area offers horseback riding, accommodation, and groups of Native Americans going about their business and living as they have for many centuries. For those who simply travel through, the view from the train is no less exciting; the area encompasses more then 20 gorgeous, unique canyons; many of which are deeper then the famous Grand Canyon.

The train itself offers both first class and coach seating. While the first class sections feature air conditioning, reclining seats and carefully decorated interiors, coach seating is comfortable but not as luxurious as first class. There are dining cars serving a nice mix of cuisine available to all passengers and the service aboard the train is excellent. As one of the main tourist attractions to the capital of Chihuahu, the Pacific Railway is a well-maintained enterprise and the most efficient way to travel through the rugged state.

Many travelers, on the train and otherwise, hope to bring home many a picture of Chihuahua Mexico. Although the area is most famous for the Copper Canyon region, Chihuahua Mexico is also the most forested of all Mexican states. A picture of Chihuahua Mexico taken from aboard the Pacific Railway can be varied; photo enthusiasts will want to have their cameras ready and plenty of film on hand. When traveling through the switchbacks or hugging the sides of a cliff, the views are spectacular and endless.

Chihuahua Mexico showcases some of the most dazzling scenery to be found in all of Meixco. The vast canyons and thick forests will make a trip through the state an unforgettable experience. For a picture of Chihuahua Mexico or more information on the history of Chihuahua Mexico, check a travel guide. Information about the area is fascinating, and will add unparalleled depth to your travels.

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