Colima Volcano

Colima Volcano is currently one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico. The smoking peak of the volcano is quite a sight at Colima Mexico, along with its inactive volcanic partner, the neighboring peak Nevada de Colima. Although it is also one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Mexico, with significant eruptions within the past twenty years, it is also closely monitored, allowing tourists to explore the national park surrounding the volcano and also to hike up its slopes during its inactive periods.


The city of Colima Mexico is a pleasant city located about half an hour inland from the coastal town of Manzanillo, southeast of Puerto Vallarta and up the coast a ways from Zihuatanejo. It is not a heavily touristed city, but may be an ideal place for travelers looking for an experience off the beaten track. Located in the shadow of Colima Volcano, the city has at times experienced warnings and evacuations due to minor eruptions of the fiery mountain. The city is also prone to earthquakes, with a notable one having occurred in 1995. Nevertheless, for the majority of the time, Colima Mexico is a peaceful place where travelers sick of the tourist train can mingle with locals and buy some of the pottery for which the town has been famous for hundreds of years.

Looking up from the town of Colima, visitors to the city can see the cone of the active volcano, as well as its taller, extinct cousin, the Nevada de Colima. The two mountains are part of the Nevado de Colima National Park, a popular destination for hikers and day-trippers who wish to explore the lush valley below the two mountains. Here, coniferous forests fill in the lower slopes of the two volcanoes, harboring many species unique to the area, such as the Aztec thrush, thick-billed parrot, and the long-tailed wood partridge. Bobcats and the endangered cougar also roam the igneous rock of the volcano's sides.

Mountaineers and rock-climbers will find their share of challenging rock faces and slopes to ascend, while campers will be happy to know that an excellent campsite is located at the bottom of the canyon, where a natural spring has been enlarged to form a fresh water pool. Carrizalillos Lake is also a popular destination in the park, and visitors can picnic by the lake while enjoying the view of the twin volcano peaks towering over the fertile park.

Nearby, the town of Comala is also popular with visitors. Located just six miles north of Colima, Comala is famous for its beautiful white buildings and red-tile roofs. Its palm-lined sidewalks are a picturesque place to walk while listening to a mariachi band playing at one of the excellent local restaurants. From this charming small town, visitors can also view the twin volcanoes not far way.

When visiting Colima Volcano, travelers should keep in mind that its status as one of the most famous volcanoes in Mexico stems from its reputation for being incredibly active and dangerous. Make sure you check with local authorities, which monitor volcanic activity and toxic gas levels, before attempting a hike up its slopes.

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