Comalcalco is the name of a modern-day city in Mexico and also the name of a site of Mayan ruins. The name has a literal translation of “in the house of comals,” which refers to the traditional pan used to prepare a tortilla. This interesting fact isn’t what brings visitors to the Comalcalco ruins, however. Two great pyramids dominate the landscape of the Mayan ruins in Comalcalco.

This archaeological site is notable for many reasons. Not only is this site the farthest west of all Mayan ruins, but unique building practices were also used. This is the only Mayan settlement where bricks and mortar were used in construction, and many of the bricks were decorated or engraved as well. Tours of Comalcalco Mexico will show these small details, as well as the larger architectural marvels such as the two pyramids: Gran Acropolis and Acropolis Este.

Comalcalco is an especially fertile place in Mexico, and the ancient Mayans had no trouble with agriculture. Tropical products along with corn and other vegetables are grown here today. In ancient times, the city was a bustling center of commerce. Trading continued for centuries, and common goods included salt, honey, tobacco, cotton, ceramics, and jade.

The city was at its peak from the years 600 through 1000 AD. Today, the Comalcalco ruins allude to a glorious city of the past. A tour will include not only the pyramids, but also a crumbling palace, which was once probably a royal residence. The Mayan ruins in Comalcalco, along with the ruins of Chichen Itza, Tikal, and Tulum are some of the most popular historical attractions in Mexico.



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