Costa Maya Mexico

Costa Maya Mexico offers visitors historic Mayan culture, ancient archaeological sites, palm tree lined beaches and exciting diving destinations all in one beautifully rich coastal region. Where the Mayan Riviera, or Mexican Riviera as it’s also known, tails off, the Costa Maya begins, stretching all the way down to Belize. Good Costa Maya maps will help you better plan your trip along this region.

Travelers should be aware that the Costa Maya Mexico does experience hurricanes through June to November. Most recently, Hurricane Dean in 2007 caused damage to the region. The Costa Maya however, continues to bounce back from such disasters and remains a paradise.

Along the enticing rugged coastline, excursion options are numerous. The Rio Huach National Reserve offers airboat adventures through lush tropical jungle canopy and mangrove ecosystems. Alternatively, you can explore the terrain from horseback.

Boasting an abundant array of aquatic life, the Costa Maya Reef is a place for any sea faring adventurer to explore. You will find many PADI certified dive operators keen to enhance your underwater Costa Maya experience. The outlying coral reef is not continuous but a chain of patches of shallow coast hugging reefs, deep walls and coral gardens that stretch from Tulum and the island of Cozumel down to Xcalak. Packed with sea turtles and hundreds of species of fish, each site offers a different diving experience. You can even explore the crystal clear Caribbean waters from a Catamaran while you relax on deck, stopping only to snorkel the richest spots of marine life. Dolphins are present in these waters and there is opportunity to fulfill a dream and swim with them.

The small fishing village of Majahual offers tranquility and palm fringed beaches. Snorkeling and scuba diving excursions of the emerald waters can easily be arranged from here. Off shore coral reefs secure pristine dive sites and an abundance of marine life. Visit quickly however, because this town is forecast to develop like its touristy northern neighbor Playa del Carmen. Close to Majahual is a busy port where cruise ships stop off with increasing regularity.

A major destination for many culture vultures are the Mayan ruins at Chacchoben. Excavation of this ancient site began in 1994 and is still on-going. The site is reported to have been inhabited from 200 BC with the resulting Mayan temple constructed between 300-500 BC. Visiting this site, you may well be accompanied by the monkeys that inhabit the area.

At Mexico’s most southeastern point is Xcalak. A small fishing village and renowned for great sea fishing for marlin, it’s also popular among divers too. A map of Costa Maya will indicate the best dive sites.

The Costa Maya region is also dotted with relics of Spanish colonial occupation such as the coastal fort of San Felipe at Bacalar. The settlement of Bacalar also boasts a stunning lagoon where speedboat excursions can be taken. Famous for its rainbow lake where you can swim among different shades of turquoise water, Bacalar also contains the impressive Chetumal Mayan Museum. There is also ample opportunity to explore more of this quieter region and visit local Mayan communities.

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